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Heartwarming / Shameless (UK)

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Many in the first few series.

  • Ian telling Fiona he is gay.
  • Debbie telling Fiona she has started her period.
  • Frank's monologue about being lonely to Carol in series 3
  • Frank preventing Liam from being taken into care.
  • Frank being there for Debbie when Chesney harshly rejects her.
  • A recent one is the old school music when Carl runs into Frank's arms in slow motion during series seven. At this moment, this troper knew Shameless was back.
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  • Paddy telling an insecure Mimi that he still finds her attractive. This was one of the moments that really humanised the previously terrifying Maguires.
  • Most any moment between Frank and Debbie in the first few seasons before she became the new Fiona.
  • Ian had several with Danny, a deaf teenager. My favourite was a scene where they're non-sexually sharing a bed. Ian signs good night, which Danny somewhat morosely returns. Ian does head-to-foot, him taking the foot. After he's laid down, however, Danny gets up, causing Ian, who feels it, confusion. Danny lays down at the foot of the bed. Ian sits up, sees Danny's innocent look, which is truly innocent, just a lonely teenager who needs the comfort of friendship, scoffs in amused fondness, and lays back down.
  • In Series Seven when Paddy Maguire is talking to a distressed Karen about ten months after Mandy's death. Karen is crying and says "She was my best friend" Paddy looks extremely emotional that someone else is still grieving and replies "She was my little girl."
    • In the same episode Paddy tells Karen that there's no such thing as in-laws - she's part of his family now. Throughout the episode we see him comforting her and acting as a sort-of surrogate father figure during her mental breakdown.


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