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Wham Episode / Shameless (US)

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  • Season 1 ended with Eddie Jackson's suicide and the fact that Fiona wasn't going to run away with Steve.
  • Season 2's "A Beautiful Mess" ends with Karen telling Lip off by staying away from her, Jody (her fiance), and their unborn baby.
  • Season 2's "Parenthood" ends with Frank going back to Monica after his mother died.
  • Season 2's "Just Like the Pilgrims Intended," Karen gives birth, but the child doesn't belong to Lip or the Red Herring that she visited earlier in the season, and Monica attempts suicide.
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  • In season 3, a trio of Whams come back to back of each other, "The Sins of My Caretaker" has Child Protective Services coming in during a chaotic night at the Gallagher homestead, with "Cascading Failures" picking off with the siblings off to different homes while Fiona tries to get them back, even learning that it was Frank was the one who called Child Protective Services. Finally, "A Long Way From Home" ends with Fiona not only becoming the other legal guardian to her siblings, but Karen returns after her son had been taken away by his father's mother.
  • Then with Frank The Plumber, Karen is hit by a speeding car driven by Mandy and being left for dead, after being lured out by a false text message sent by Mandy. Also Mickey and Ian break-up.
  • The drama continues in the penultimate episode of season 3. Mickey gets married to a woman, Mandy finally figures out that her brother and Ian are sleeping together, Karen has brain damage, and Jimmy/Steve is most likely killed by Estefania's father.
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  • Season 4's "There's The Rub": Liam accidentally ingests cocaine left out during a party, and Fiona is later arrested.
  • The season 4 finale "Lazarus": Jimmy turns out to be alive, only he's going by Jack now, and he is seen being driven past the Gallagher home. This was a surprise even to most of the cast, who had no idea Justin Chatwin even showed up to shoot this scene.
  • Season 5's "A Night to Remem...Wait, What?" has Fiona getting married to a guy she's been dating for less than two weeks.
  • Season 6's "NSFW": Carl's hoodlum life and friendship with Nick comes to an abrupt, disturbing end when Nick kills a young boy for stealing his bike.
  • Season 7's "Ouroboros": Monica returns and reveals she is dying to Frank, Kev and V find out Svetlana has acquired ownership of the bar behind their backs, and at the end of the episode it's revealed Mickey has escaped from prison.
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  • The penultimate episode of Season 7, “Happily Ever After”, ends with Mickey heading to Mexico after saying goodbye to Ian, Fiona admitting Etta to a nursing home, and Lip, Debbie and Frank finding Monica dead from a brain aneurysm after a drug-filled party.


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