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Ian's going to sleep with the army guy

  • They lingered on the "suck my dick" joke just a little too long for it to be a throwaway line. Ian and the army guy seemed pretty impressed with each other when they briefly met, and we know Ian goes for older guys. (Also, Ian's filled out enough this season to no longer look like a kid, so there's less risk of creepiness.) One way or another, for whatever reason, Ian is going to sleep with the army guy.
    • Jossed

Karen is playing Lip

  • With the makings of a Manipulative Bitch and especially what happened to her in the first season, she is playing Lip in whom the father of her unborn child is.
    • Confirmed. The baby is part Asian. Lip is ... not Asian.
    • Too be fair, she was always honest about the fact that she wasn't exclusive with Lip, and that she was never sure who the father was. Lip and Jody were just the most convenient stand in daddies around, and Lip assumed he actually was the father without any hard evidence to the fact.

The two shows take place in the same continuity
  • The two Gallagher clans are in fact distant relations who're probably ignorant of each other's existence. Through curse or genetics they've landed in nearly identical circumstance, and through remarkable coincidence, they all have the same names.

Carl will kill Estefania's father.
  • He'll shoot him, calling back to what Peg told him about shooting someone if he needs to.
  • Jossed. The Gallaghers never even know he exists.

Jimmy isn't dead
Come on, he'll be back.
  • Somebody better pick up that phone, because I f*cking called it!

Jimmy is dead.
His relationship with Fiona was getting stagnant, with the same conflict over and over again. This would be a clean break and make room for some new material, bringing new depth to Fiona's character and refocusing the show for the better.
  • Jossed. He made a cameo in the season 4 finale and has a couple episodes in season 5.

Jimmy isn't dead, but won't return for another couple seasons.
Fiona will grieve, grow, move on, and finally figure out a way to be happy, and just when things are going well, he'll show up, and throw everything back into absolute chaos.
  • Confirmed.

Fiona will be seriously injured very soon.
It's the only way to keep the family together. With Ian enlisted and Lip headed to MIT, the only way to keep the Gallaghers together would be to have something drastic happen to the family's only caregiver. Poor Fiona.

Terry is the father of Svetlana's baby, not Mickey
At the baptism Svetlana was oddly concerned about Terry being absent, and had apparently been talking about him to the priest before Mickey walked in:
Priest: Is that Terry?
Even once Mickey was there, she was trying to insist that they could not proceed with the baptism without Terry. Why? Because Terry is the real father. He had already had sex with her, probably not that long before he called her in to rape Mickey. We know that Terry is still potent, as he was able to impregnate Mandy in just one rape. So why pretend Mickey is the father? Because it's a better deal. Terry is much older, and if she is going to invoke The Baby Trap it would be more advantageous for her to choose the younger man, not the one whose health will probably start to decline in the not-so-distant future. By marrying Mickey, she still gets Terry as a father-in-law while having his son as her husband. Also, there is no way she would get away with bullying Terry the way she does with Mickey. Terry would not respond well to demands that he help take care of the baby. He would beat her without hesitation. Mickey is just barely an adult and much more controllable.

Svetlana will have a Villainous Breakdown and try to kill Ian, which could lead to Mickey trying to kill her.
Her entire marriage to Mickey is based on The Baby Trap along with Terry's homophobia and Mickey doesn't even pretend to care about her. Despite her claim (and perhaps wish) that she and Terry are close, he shows no sign of genuinely liking her and only cares about Mickey seeming to be straight. Now that Mickey has come out very publicly, and Terry is presumably going back to jail for violating parole after less than four hours, she has absolutely no leverage for controlling Mickey and she foolishly spent a lot of time threatening and blackmailing him. Mickey no longer has to hide the fact that he is love with Ian and that his marriage is a sham. Svetlana has threatened Ian in the past (with a hammer no less). If he goes into one of his incapacitated states where she has access to him, she may try to kill him, either in the vain hope that it will finally force Mickey to accept her or at least to eliminate his true love. If this happens Mickey will go absolutely nuts.
  • Jossed

Karen and/or Sheila will be Back for the Finale
We'd get to see if Jody taking her down to Arizona healed her brain damage.

It'll be a big Where Are They Now epilogue at the end of the series
Everyone big and small will be referenced. For example, how Queenie and Chuckie are doing in the hippie compound to what unlucky fate eventually hits Jimmy/Steve.

Liam will be the triumphant Gallagher
Unlike all of his siblings and both of his parents, who have faced little but strife for the entire show, Liam, the most consistently well-liked Gallagher, ends up somehow securing a good private school education and going on to having a safe, secure, and successful future.

The meth from the end of season 7 will be a Chekhov's Gun
Kiev and V will use it to frame Svetlana for possession, allowing them to get control back of the Alibi.

Whether it's in season 8 or not, Jimmy/Steve will return

Terry and/or Frank will die a slow,painful,possibly bloody end at the hands of one or more of their children
Let's face it: the only way for the series to end is with Terry and/or Frank's murder at the hands of one or more of their children. I see Mikey and Ian teaming up to murder the ones who ruined their lives, more then likely discarding the bodies and any pictures of them in a way to wipe any memories of Terry and Frank from the family. Two monsters get their comeuppance, two souls destroyed by their actions get revenge and everything ends there or with Frank and Terry chilling in Hell.

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