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  • James has kept the porcelain Union Jack bulldog that he inherited after (Judi Dench's) M's death, even though he hates it.
  • Bond's entire reason for carrying out rogue side operations and killing Sciarra? It was the previous M's last request.
  • Q and Moneypenny risking their careers to help Bond—the very fact that Bond knows that he can trust Moneypenny and ask her for her assistance.
    • The tiny clip of him watching her walk down the street after she leaves his apartment, presumably to make sure she gets home safe.
  • During Bond's seduction of Lucia Sciarra:
    Lucia: "He (her husband) was obsessed. He spent more time with them (SPECTRE) than with me."
    Bond: "Then the man was a fool."
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  • On their way to Oberhauser's lair, Madeleine confides to Bond that she's scared. He wordlessly takes her hand to reassure her.
  • When Oberhauser decides to cause Madeleine grief by showing her how her father shot himself Bond actually cares enough to invoke the Gory Discretion Shot and successfully urges Madeline to look at him and not the screen.
    • There's also the fact that despite being a villain, Mr. White certainly loved Madeleine and wanted to keep her safe. Bond tells Madeleine she shouldn't be so hard on the man after all he's been through, and says he was only alive up to the point he was because of her. The pictures of her in the secret room are also this, and bring Madeleine to tears when she sees them.
  • While Bond is being tortured and seems to be slipping away, Madeline cradles his face in her hands and whispers "I love you". And with that, we see Bond's hand tighten around his watch, as if it was just that little bit of encouragement he needed to get his strength back.
  • The fact that the climax of the movie essentially revolves around Bond, M, Q, Moneypenny, and Tanner all teaming up to stop the final threat. It's one of the few films where Bond has to rely on his MI6 colleagues beyond the first act, and helps to underline their status as True Companions.
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  • After deciding not to kill Blofeld, the way Bond throws the gun away as he walks toward Madeleine, symbolizing that he's done with that life.
  • The ending: Bond finally recovers from the events of Casino Royale and Skyfall and is able to actually pursue a normal life with someone he loves. It might just be the most genuinely happy ending in the franchise's history.


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