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  • From Shut Up Cartoons' Zombies vs. Ninjas series, in "P.R.-OBLEM", Andre taking the time during a fight to wave at the camera and say "I love you, Grandma."
  • In the main channel, Ian and Anthony practically hate each other and some videos have them actively trying to kill each other but in "I SUCK AT DRAW SOMETHING!" it's a very rare Friendship Moment to see Ian bringing Anthony back to life even if he came back a little... funny looking.
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  • Ian rescuing Anthony in "A Very Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays".
    Ian: I don't think you understand. You don't f**k with my best friend!
  • Anthony snapping Ian out of his addiction in "Addicted to Honey Boo Boo Child":
    Anthony: I just want my best friend back!
    Ian: I'm sorry. [Both start crying]
  • Ian and Anthony's friendship song in the Homeless Millionaire video.
  • In "Bigfoot is Gay", after Bigfoot kills Dane Shawson and saves Ian and Anthony, the two immediately throw the net over him. At first they're excited that they're gonna be rich and famous, but then they look over, see Bigfoot crying, and look at the picture of Bigfoot and his children and immediately decide to set him free. Sure, they threw him off a cliff immediately afterward thinking he could fly, but it was still a nice scene.
  • "Merry Christmas, little guy."
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  • In "My Bobblehead Is Evil", Anthony refuses to kill Ian when his bobblehead tells him to, and stops him when he tries to kill them himself by killing himself so the bobblehead dies with him. The moment is lessened somewhat at the end when it's revealed that Ian had been Obfuscating Stupidity and working with his own bobblehead to kill both of them.
  • Granted, pretty much the entirety of "Life Better-ers" is about Ian and Anthony trying and failing to help other people due to missing the point, but the idea of them going out of their way to help others is still heartwarming. Especially when, even if they fail at fixing the obvious problem (such as seeing a kid with a broken and bleeding leg), they still help with something (such as fixing said kid's bike wheel).
  • In "MY BOBBLEHEAD IS EVIL!", Anthony adamantly refuses to kill Ian.
    • "No one! Is going! To kill my friend!!!"
      • And then it's entirely ruined by the ending. The scene was still heartwarming though.
  • The ending of "We're Stuck Together". Although they fought and bickered like an old married couple, they both admitted that in the end, they were happy they got to spend more time together.
    • Only to be ruined when it turns out Ian stuck them together with super glue to prank Anthony and forgot about it. Then they proceed to fight again.
  • In Anthony's Draw My Thing, Anthony reveals how he and Ian became best friends, saying he was glad that they had met. He also explains how he got over being one of the shiest kids in his school, and how the years he's spent on Youtube have been the best of his life.
  • In a very twisted way, the end of "Smosh vs Zombies" is this. Ian and Anthony realize they could be best friends for ever if they become zombies, so they infect themselves willingly. The video ends to them killing survivors together to another friendship song.
  • At the end of "Mime Fail", the mime kills himself by not wearing a parachute while skydiving. Dumbass. Then, at his funeral, his widowed wife and a grave digger look at each other lovingly and begin talking to each other. Then, it's revealed that they got married and are telling somebody how they met each other a la "How I Met Your Mother."
  • During the time Anthony left, they uploaded a picture to Twitter with Anthony and most of the Smosh family. Here's the pic.
  • After Anthony left, Ian decided to make a commemorative video introducing the entire Smosh family to give them the recognition they deserve. You'd be amazed at how many were involved with Smosh apart from Ian and Anthony, and before the Smosh Squad was introduced. It was a way to let fans know that Smosh wouldn't be where it is at today without these people, and also a great way to transition into the new era from Anthony's departure.
  • Smosh Squad's Courtney Miller, who has a huge crush on Chris Pratt, ended up winning a middle-school slow dance with him on the "You Posted That" Smosh Game Show through rigged shenanigans.

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