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Heartwarming / Ringo Starr

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  • He's singlehandedly responsible for roughly 75% of everything heartwarming that happened in the band's history. (The remaining quarter is about 15% song lyrics and 10% "Paul and John admitting that they didn't entirely hate each other's guts.") John Lennon even confirmed that Ringo was The Heart of the group.
  • His tribute song to George Harrison, "Never Without You".
  • As detailed on the main Beatles/Heartwarming page, Ringo's solo induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Especially the first half of the Superjam.
  • If you check the years, you realize that Ringo began to play Mr. Conductor the year after he and his wife entered rehab for their frightening, decades-long drug and alcohol addictions. Meaning, Mr. Conductor was the beginning of Ringo's recovery years, and one could arguably think of Mr. Conductor as Ringo's personal Iron Man.