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  • "Hey Jude" was specially written by Paul for Julian Lennon, the oldest son of fellow Beatle John Lennon, to comfort the little boy over his parents' messy divorce and his father's constant absence and emotional neglect.
    Paul: I started with the idea ‘Hey Jules’ – which was Julian – ‘don’t make it bad, take a sad song and make it better. Hey, try and deal with this terrible thing. I knew it was not going to be easy for him. I always feel sorry for kids in divorces... I had the idea [for the song] by the time I got there. I changed it to ‘Jude’ because I thought that sounded a bit better.
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  • When asked about his childhood, Julian has been quite open about Paul being more of a father to him than John ever was. And aside from some ups and downs, they've apparently remained close well into Julian's adulthood.
    Julian: Paul and I used to hang about quite a bit... more than Dad and I did. We had a great friendship going, and there seems to be far more pictures of me and Paul playing together at that age than there are pictures of me and my dad.
  • "Here Today", his tribute to John. May also overlap with Tear Jerker.
  • "Maybe I'm Amazed", which he wrote for Linda.
    • Paul's 29-year marriage to Linda — one of the greatest, most enduring love stories in rock history — is one big Heartwarming Moment.
  • Live, Paul has performed "Something" in tribute to George and "Give Peace a Chance" at the end of "A Day in the Life" in honor of John.
  • "We All Stand Together".
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  • When Paul showed up to support the "March for Our Lives" rally in New York City, he was asked why he was there. He simply said "One of my best friends was killed in gun violence right around here, so it's important to me." You just know he was talking about John.
  • When he appeared on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, Corden was visibly moved by them singing "Let It Be".
    Corden: I can remember my granddad, who was a musician, and my dad sitting me down and saying "We're gonna play you the best songs you've ever heard" and I can remember them playing me that.
    McCartney: Really?
    Corden: If my granddad was here right now he'd get an absolute kick out of this.
    McCartney: He is. [Pause. Corden wipes a tear from one eye.]


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