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  • In the early 1970s, George and his then-wife Patti visited a friend for Thanksgiving, whose wife was suffering from terminal cancer. The wife, not knowing that George and Patti were vegetarians, had prepared a huge turkey dinner. Knowing that the wife had exhausted herself cooking for them, and that she probably wouldn't live to see another Thanksgiving, they thanked her profusely and ate it anyway.
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  • During the recording of The White Album, Ringo got fed up with being the "useless" member of the Beatles and left the group. The other three convinced him to come back, and George decorated his drumkit with flowers, including a "Welcome home" note.
  • The last exchange George and Ringo ever had. Ringo is preparing to leave and says goodbye, explaining that his daughter is waiting for him in Boston. George, now very sick and bedridden from his cancer treatments asks, "Do you want me to go with you?"
  • The entire Concert For George tribute concert, performed exactly one year after George died, featuring performances from Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Monty Python, and Billy Preston (among others). Special mention has to go to Paul's performance of "Something" and Joe Brown playing "I'll See You in My Dreams" (both on ukeleles, one of George's favorite instruments).
    • George's son Dhani spent the second half of the concert onstage, playing guitar alongside these legends. If you watch the DVD of the performance, you can catch them hugging Dhani, ruffling his hair, sharing smiles with him, and generally being a bunch of honorary uncles. Near the end, Dhani takes a moment to lean on Clapton's shoulder.
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    • Also a Funny Moment during the performance of the Monty Python song "Sit On My Face". It was performed in the same manner as Monty Python At The Hollywood Bowl, with the singers dressed as restaurant waiters in floor length aprons and no pants. Only this time, instead of bowing to the audience at the end, they bowed to the portrait of George at the back of the stage, thereby mooning the audience.
  • It says a lot that even after Patti left him for Clapton, they remained great friends for the rest of George's life.
  • George's Famous Last Words: "Love one another."
  • George wrote his last letter to Mike Myers, saying how he enjoyed the Austin Powers films, and even asked about getting a Mini Me doll from him.
  • It's revealed after his death that the address of his final resting place was fake. An investigation was launched and it was revealed that he died in Paul McCartney's rented (later bought) house in LA. Paul and George's family faked it in order to throw the press off. Paul’s spokesperson denied this but it’s set straight by Eric Idle on George’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony . While Paul's not there when George passed away, he did spend time with him and they held hands together. They really loved each other and managed to resolve their differences before the end.


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