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Heartwarming / Queen of Shadows

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  • The hints that Hiruzen is a Parental Substitute to the Queen.
  • The Villainous Friendship between Ozeki and Kamisori seems genuine. In fact, even as the other Generals are scheming to take Hiruzen's position for themselves, Kamisori isn't interested for himself, but trying to convince his friend to make a move.
  • Of all people, it's Tsume who gives Hishu some much needed advice for getting over the shame he's brought on his tribe. As he puts it, it doesn't matter what the other tribes think, as long as they do what they were created to do.
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  • While it's partly just because she doesn't want to do the work herself, Jade tells Koeri that she's not going to go over the Empire's financial records, because the Sumo in charge of keeping those records take their work very seriously, and she doesn't want to seem like she's doubting them.

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