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  • The Undying Loyalty of the Mantis Khan is so Up to Eleven it's hilarious. In one scene, for example, after Jade tasks Sanshobo with reorganizing the Shadowkhan library, he starts going on with he's honored to be considered worthy of the task, etc, and is still going strong even after Jade and Hiruzen leave.
    • It's telling that Sanshobo's shock over Hishu's birth is serious enough to make him start acting and talking like a normal person. Ikazuki actually finds this more disconcerting than the event in question.
  • Himitsu's shock when Nonki effortlessly takes control of his flying roc feather, which is supposed to be impossible.
  • Ikazuki has several human samurai who sold out to the Shadowkhan rewarded as they deserve — including having written explanations of their treachery carved into their flesh — much to the aggravation of Jirobo, who wants to build up a network of collaborators.
    Jirobo: Do you not see the flaw in this course?
  • Hiruzen's This Is Gonna Suck reaction to the rest of the Circle descending into an argument about what qualifies decent collaborators.
    • For some Black Comedy, there's the fact that Tsume's criteria for collaborators is whether or not they can be added to the menu.
  • While making security preparations for the banquet, Jade is so paranoid about the presence of Shendu's envoy that she considers having a Shadowkhan dress up in drag as a body double and sit in for her. Try not to laugh at that mental image.
  • Jade's new kitsune slave handmaiden, Koeri, has a dignified air about her at all times... except when she sings, which she's terrible at but oblivious to. Jade ultimately directly orders her to never do it again, orders that the other Shadowkhan are all too happy to enforce.
  • Being in charge of the Empire's financial records is the second best job for the Sumo khan (after being the General). The "job interview" involves (among others) arm wrestling, sumo wrestling and drinking bucket-sized cups of wasabi.
  • Koeri tries to get Jade into more feminine things, like poetry. She turns out to have a talent for it, but to Koeri's horror, all the subject matter is about fighting and death.
    • Even better, Jade later admits in the narration that she's actually been Trolling Koeri by making her poetry as bad as it has been.
    • Later, after a rough start, Jade has managed to get the hang of brushing Koeri's hair/fur, but when she shifts into fox form and tries to leave for the night, she accidentally walks into the wall.
  • The flashback sequence to the Generals bringing the 97th Queen potential human mates, and her getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of decent results.
    • Jirobo apparently screwed up by bringing a scarecrow that had been magically disguised as a person. This resulted in him getting blasted in the face.
    • Ozeki's candidate gets tossed out of the tower (literally). The 97th then comes down to berate Ozeki and the others, in such a rush that one of her sandals breaks off. So she throws it at Ozeki, then starts beating him on the head with the other one while yelling at him and the others. She then demands a replacement sandal and more eels, and says that if Hiruzen's candidate is another let down, she'll tie the eels to the sandal and beat him with them.
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    • Sanshobo casually commenting that the 96th wasn't nearly so picky, while the 97th is on her 4th round.
    • The 97th also bans the Generals from having anymore sake until they find her a worthy mate, much to Kamisori's heartbreak. He then suggests to the others that if Hiruzen's candidate doesn't work out, they should just abduct the Emperor of Japan, with some princes as a backup.
    • The 97th is so... excited over the mate Hiruzen brings her that she blows several holes in her tower's roof. Sanshobo is very pleased with this, declaring it a good omen for the future birth of the 98th.
    • Afterwards, the 97th orders Hiruzen to put her mate back where he was found. So the ninja knocks him out with a spell, transport him back to China and leaves him surrounded by bottles of sake.

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