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Awesome / Queen of Shadows

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  • Jade managing to trick all the generals into thinking that she's really the Queen.
  • The Establishing Character Moments of several of Rokutaro's Inner Circle:
    • Yasashi putting a bunch of bullying samurai in their place.
    • Rosuto killing most of a group of bandits from a distance.
    • Nonki hypnotizing a Jerkass noble and his entire entourage and then robbing them blind.
    • Kyouaku taking a Shadowkhan cannon ship for himself and killing the Squid Khan captain via Offhand Backhand. With a sword.
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  • Jade, with no choice but to declare a war plan, devises one that will minimize human casualties and hopefully give the heroes of the time a chance to fight back.
  • Nonki effortlessly taking control of Himitsu's flying roc feather, something the wizard says is supposed to be impossible. And later using his illusions to distract Hiruzen so they can escape.
  • Hiruzen, Kamisori, and Sanshobo showing up to save Jade from being killed by Yasashi.
    • Hiruzen vs. Yasashi and Himitsu. Working together, they are just barely able to hold him off until Nonki's illusions save them.
  • Ikazuki vs. Toguro, who has been single-handedly hindering the Shadowkhan advance.
  • The Battle of Awaji, an epic clash between the Gani (led by Tsume) and the forces of Tobe (led by Yasashi, Murakami, Gurando, and Himitsu). This culminates in a personal battle between the General and the four Shadow Shogunate officers that only ends when they wound Tsume in about every way possible, getting him down long enough to seal him in a mask.
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  • Hiruzen vs the officers of the Shogunate in the Shadows. Despite being lured into a trap where's he's heavily outnumbered, he just mows them down. It then turns out that Nonki was casting illusions to make Hiruzen think he was killing them (he did succeed in wounding them all, at least). Nonki then gives Hiruzen his toughest fight, finally succeeding in trapping him in a mask.

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