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Heartwarming / Queen Of Hearts

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Beware of unmarked spoilers.

Chapter 1

  • Makoto deciding to take Ren with her to the student council room, so he could study in peace after hearing all the students talk about him.
  • Ren's offer to Makoto to have lunch out together. Despite barely knowing Makoto whom he just met, her act of kindness means that he knows he can trust her.

Chapter 2

  • Makoto saving Ren from being executed by Shadow Kamoshida's soldiers.

Chapter 4

  • Makoto and Ren deciding to be on a first-name basis after their 'mutual near-death' experience.
  • Ann being concerned that Makoto is trying to get Ren to do something to incriminate himself that might get him expelled. While her concern was misguided, it was still touching to see how much she cared for her new friend.

Chapter 13

  • Ann declaring her love for Shiho when she believes she might die. However, due to their situation, no one can hear her declaration.


Chapter 14

  • The fact that both Ann and Ren attempted to figure out something to do for Makoto for her birthday.
  • Akira helping Makoto enjoy her birthday by treating her to a meal.
  • While we don't get to see it, we know that Sae spent time with Makoto for her birthday the following day. Makoto states she really loves that memory.

Chapter 15

  • Ren helping Makoto expand her horizons by taking her to an arcade.
  • Shiho waking up from her coma.


Chapter 26

  • Makoto's genuine concern for Ren's well-being when Mishima finds out the identities of the Phantom Thieves, even calling Ren her best friend. Ren's touched reaction says it all.
  • Makoto decision to have Nakanohara exchange contact information. Despite being a formerly crazy stalker, Makoto could not help but see Nakanohara as another victim wronged by Madarame and wants him to open up more. This leads to the birth of the Tower Arcana.

Chapter 28

  • Makoto comforting Ren when he confesses to her of his distress when his his former friends back in his hometown cut off ties with him. She then proceeds to say that she meant it when she called Ren her best friend, stating that it was Ren who came and made her a better person.
    • Ren reaffirms his confidence in Makoto when she began expressing doubts in herself.
    • He then opens up to Makoto about his life back in his hometown. Its heartwarming to see that the two have grown much closer, to the point Ren has no issue expressing his personal issues and past life.

Chapter 38

  • Yukari Takeba has a chat with Shiho, having been a guest speaker at her group therapy session. In fact, she uses her fame as an actress in order to raise awareness about depression and cheer the young people up, having been there herself.
    • Makoto is able to confirm that Yukari is being sincere when she is unable to find her name in the Nav. In a surrounding full of rotten adults, this must have been a breath of fresh air.
    • Yukari and the Fe MC had a romance together. Borders on Tear Jerker when its revealed she died two days after their final date, and Makoto's red eyes reminds Yukari of her.

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