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  • When Aoba receives her first paycheck, her co-workers encourage her to spend it on something so she'll remember the moment. She decides to spend it on a cake to share with her parents, since they've supported her a lot.
  • After the incident with Ko's pudding is sorted out (it's implied that Nene confessed to the accidental theft offscreen, and Rin forgave her), Nene comes to realize that the Eagle Jump staffers are good people, which helps allay some of her worries about her friend.
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  • Umiko's relationship with Nene isn't exactly great, but when Nene won a model BK-47 donated by Umiko in a raffle, she gratefully accepted it, though she wasn't sure if she liked it at first. Umiko then tells Nene she's out of her job now that their game has already been released as the company will now outsource game-testing services to one that specializes in it, but gives Nene her card so they could keep in touch. Cue Tears of Joy from Nene. Umiko sure does have a soft spot for newbies despite being tough on them at work. She also gives Nene some programming tips when the latter was attempting to learn how to program code.
  • Aoba learns from Shizuku that someone Aoba's age used to work for Ko, but quit soon after when she couldn't keep up with her. That leaves Ko doing all the artwork for their game project all by herself because they couldn't find a suitable replacement for the one who left. Aoba then finds Ko alone and assures her she will not quit on her even if she couldn't keep up with her.
    • There's also Aoba's immediate reaction to the story. She concludes that Ko's guilt over this happening is proof that Ko's a good person who cares about others, and Shizuku agrees.
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  • Nene's homemade game. Though it's a very simplistic fantasy beat-em-up, Aoba and Hotaru seem to be really enjoying it. Nene also has a smile on her face as her friends continue to try beating it despite dying several times. Though Aoba is initially surprised to learn Nene managed to create a game entirely on her own, while she was merely a cog at Eagle Jump, she does seem genuinely happy for Nene. Overall, it's quite the accomplishment considering Nene only started out learning how to program code a few months prior and doesn't have any other outstanding skills like Aoba does with art.
  • Nene and Tsubame start off on the wrong foot because the latter gives her an attitude when she learns that Nene was treating her internship like a casual hobby. However, once Nene learns Tsubame's backstory from Momo on how Tsubame's parents were against her being a programmer, and she had to work to pay for college and rent, she immediately changes her tune, and instead wants to help her succeed. They then go to work on numerous bugs that were found in Tsubame's latest mini-games, and succeed in it, which also impresses Umiko.
    • Another small moment comes when Tsubame (who, it should be noted, had called Nene by her last name after learning that she'd gotten hired because of her connection with Umiko) swallows her pride and apologizes, saying she'd come to realize that Nene actually was serious about her work.
    Tsubame: I'm really sorry, Sakura-san.
    Nene: Ha ha! C'mon now! Just call me Nenecchi!
    Tsubame: Ok, Nenecchi!
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  • During the production of Peco, Aoba is denied a chance in the spotlight because the publisher decided to leverage Ko's star power instead to promote the game, a decision that Ko greatly detests. However, Ko gives Aoba her due during a presentation at an industry event, by going off the presentation's script to specifically state that Aoba was the lead character designer and calling her onstage.
  • In Chapter 72, after Naru's insistence on working for Eagle Jump causes an argument with her mother, she borrows her father's bow, which he uses to communicate with his wife and daughter, and writes a message saying, "Dear Mum, I'm sorry I can't meet your expectations. But I will always love you. Tsubame," before firing it into the window of her mother's room. Just before they leave, her mother sees her off saying that while she still wants Naru to inherit the inn, she also admits that she's proud of her. The issue isn't completely resolved, but it does go to show how much the two care about each other in spite of their disagreements.
  • In Chapter 85, Sophie befriends a wheelchair-bound girl named Flora, stopping by her window every day and even dressing up as a character from Peco.
  • In Chapter 86, some time after Aoba loses the character competition, Kou calls Aoba to check up on her, then puts Sophie on the line, who tells Aoba that she's a fan of the designs from Peco.
  • In Chapter 89, the normally unsociable Momo ends up becoming friends with two of her fellow graduates, who'd admired her but found her difficult to approach, and Naru notices how much Momo has changed. Naru's mother attends the ceremony, saying that "Celebrating my daughter's big moment is only natural as a parent, isn't it?"


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