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Per Manga Time Kirara routine, New Game! is full of Les Yay. Several pairs are particularly played up:

Ko X Rin

  • The manga/anime heavily implies Rin is in love with Ko, though for Ko it's more ambiguous, but it is shown more than a few time that Rin is extremely important to her.
  • In episode 2, Rin had a deadpan bubble when Ko asked if Aoba had a boyfriend but had an even BIGGER ear bubble than the others when Aoba asks Rin the same question.
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  • The Not What It Looks Like scene in Chapter 9/ Episode 4A, when Rin eventually got in a suggestive position with Ko.
  • In Chapter 8/ Episode 4B, Rin mentioned she used her first paycheck for a hot springs trip with Ko. Notably, when Ko can't remember, Rin's reaction very much evokes a woman getting angry at her husband.
  • In an anime-only stinger in Episode 4, they go to a spa again and it opens looking like the two are having sex, before revealing they were just on heat rocks.
  • When Rin recalls Ko's earlier times at Eagle Jump in Chapter 14/ Episode 5, she's often surrounded by Love Flowers.
  • In Episode 9note , Rin falls ill and Ko looks after Rin. Rin insists on Ko spoon-feeding her.
  • In the Chapter 26/ S2E01, Aoba asks why there are no men on the team. Rin insists they're an equal opportunity employer, but Shizuku asks her what would happen if she hired a guy who then married Ko. Rin gets defensive, then suffers a Heroic BSoD, and later tells Ko that if she ever plans to marry someone, to let her know right away. Shizuku meanwhile smirks and quietly mentions her "women only" hiring policy stays in effect.
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  • In chapter 46/S2E04 Rin becomes very jealous of Ko being friendly with Hifumi, much to Hifumi's horror who tries in vain to signal to Ko Rin's feelings.
  • In chapter 65 of the manga, Rin buys a novel. While reading it, she imagines herself in the romantic scenes with Ko, including a scene in which their characters kiss.
  • In Chapter 91, Rin gets jealous upon hearing Hotaru in Ko's room. Aoba calls Hotaru and has her instruct Ko to tell Rin (who's on the phone with Ko) "I love you."


Ko X Aoba

  • They have a very close mentor relationship that sometimes looks like something more, given how close they have become.
  • When Aoba and Ko met for the first time in Episode 1, a big heart appears in the background. The manga is less ship tease-y, and can be interpreted as Aoba's reaction to Ko's Naked First Impression.

Aoba X Hifumi

  • Their first meeting comes across as a Twice Shy moment since both are nervous around new people.
  • The manga shows Aoba is the only person the terminally-shy Hifumi can a little bit more at ease with.
  • Hifumi once has an Imagine Spot in Chapter 19/ Episode 10 where Aoba is a sexy devil character in frilly dark lingerie who wants to tease her, after learning about Aoba's Gad Fly tendencies. Doesn't help that minutes later Aoba adds "But you look so cute when you're uncomfortable", prompting another short visualisation of Aoba in her teasing devilish persona.
  • The ending credits has Aoba interact with all the other characters, but in particular, they begin with an intimate one-on-one scene with Aoba and Hifumi. The credits first have them lying on their backs, slowly drifting closer to each other until their fingertips touch, after which the scene then briefly transitions to them holding hands and gazing at each other.

Aoba X Nene

  • The two are childhood friends who have been together since preschool, and even now that they have gone their separate ways frequently spend their free time together and call each other whenever they can.
  • Umiko is practically a Shipper on Deck for Aoba and Nene. She's well aware of how close Nene and Aoba are, after questioning the former about why she wants to work for Eagle Jump and learning of her concern for the latter, and warms up to Nene a little after learning about that. In Chapter 87, Umiko suggests that Nene get chocolate for Aoba instead of Umiko.

Nene X Umiko

  • While at first the two have a strained relationship they eventually blossom into a mentor-like relationship similar to Aoba and Ko's. Even after Nene is no longer a debugger, the two occasionally get together and Umiko teaches Nene about programming.
  • A later chapter in the manga shows that the two have gotten together so much that the usually shy and stoic Umiko is no longer embarrassed about being fed.
  • In Chapter 87, Nene, along with Naru, gets Valentine's Day chocolate for Umiko, despite Umiko's insistence that they don't have to. After seeing all the other women who are giving Umiko chocolate, the two are determined to prove themselves against all their "opponents."

Hajime X Yun

  • The two joined the company together and tend to get along very well, though they vigorously deny such accusations. Yun in particular is constantly checking out Hajime's body.
  • Chapter 45/S2E04 ends up having the most ship tease for them to date. Hajime is trying to get into a very popular anime concert, that will be the last of that generation, but fails at getting tickets, Jun then brings her news that she has an extra ticket, prompting Hajime to tell her how much she loves her.
    • Chapter 48 follows up on this by showing the two are once again at a hero show, but when an old friend of Hajime shows up, Yun acts jealous. After Hajime's friend leaves the two bond over how much they hid their true selves during school and how great it is that they can finally be themselves.

Momo X Naru

  • The two have been good friends since their childhood days, and in fact, Narumi first took up programming way back in middle school because she thought it would be an effective way to support Momiji's dream of becoming a character designer. The two also live together, with Momiji being comfortable enough around Narumi to go around in nothing but her panties.
  • Chapter 57/S2E09: When discussing what they can do with their first paychecks, Momiji is in favor of having a unique meal which would require a special pan to make. When Narumi suggest simply going out to a restaurant for it rather than buy a pan they'd rarely use, Momiji insists on getting the pan, because Narumi's cooking tastes better to her than a restaurant's, causing Narumi to blush and immediately acquiesce.
  • While the two have had to share an apartment due to not having much money, in Chapter 93, they realize that their financial situation has stabilized, and wonder if they should live on their own. That being said, Momo hears Naru murmur that she'd be lonely without Momo, and Momo feels the same way, later saying that she wants Naru to keep cooking for her.


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