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As New Game! is a 4-koma, expect lots of hilarity.


  • Chapter 1:
    • Aoba stutters a lot during her job interview. She even accidentally said one of her hobbies is slacking off because she was so hungry!note 
    • Rin and Ko keep mistaking Aoba for a child. It doesn't help matters that she can't handle pure black coffee.
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  • Chapter 2 (Adapted in S1E01): Aoba's first day on the job around really eccentric colleagues. Poor girl can't handle the wackiness. She adapts to her new environment pretty quickly,though. The only exception is her following Hifumi's messaging emoticons as she was called up by Ko about it.
  • Chapter 3 (Adapted in S1E01): Aoba gets trapped outside the office after using the bathroom. Twice.
    • Kou, not convinced that Aoba's suit isn't a school uniform, unties the ribbon and unbuttons Aoba's collar to make it look more like a suit... before putting it back the way it was, since a suit doesn't go with Aoba's "cute" face. Aoba, however, is completely aware of what Kou's thinking.
    • In order to get some lighting for Aoba's company ID photo, Kou has Hajime hold her beam sword up just outside of the frame.
  • Chapter 5 (Adapted in S1E02): The entire welcome party for Aoba. Everyone else is getting extremely drunk, so Aoba has to play the wingman for the whole crew the entire night. Even Hifumi is impressed.
    Hifumi: Nice try, Aoba, but you're not drinking anything until you're 20.
  • Chapter 7 (Adapted in S1E03): Hifumi's reason for being late? She spent too much time eating breakfast because it tastes good!
    • Ko is less angry about Hifumi's excuse than she is more concerned about her using emoticons on official office documentation.
  • Chapter 10 (Adapted in S1E02):
    • Aoba trying to get Hifumi to smile.
    • Hifumi bribing Aoba to forget the former actually can smile.
  • Chapter 11 (Adapted in S1E06):
    • Aoba becomes really distressed when she realizes that the Event NPC based on her is going to die quickly.
    • Aoba decides to look up references of twintails on the internet. Ko sees this and scolds Aoba for not using the reference right on her head.
  • Chapter 12.5 (Adapted in S1E06):
    Aoba: Mom, I'm hungry, I want some noodles.
    Aoba's Mom: It's already lunchtime, dear, why don't you get dressed?
    Aoba: Well, it's my day off, why does it even matter? (beat)
    Aoba's Mom: You're turning into your father!
    Aoba: No way!
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  • Chapter 13 (Adapted in S1E04): The entire A/C debacle, with Ko, Hajime and Yun adjusting the thermostat causing the office temperature to fluctuate between 22-30 degrees C in a short time, ending with Rin of all people getting pissed.
  • Chapter 16 (Adapted in S1E07): Fear the almighty nurse trainee!~
    • Yun and Hajime desperately hope they'll get the older nurse, at which point the woman in question says she has to step out and leaves the younger woman to hold down the fort. Cue Oh, Crap!.
    • Yun tries to cheat on the waist measurements by holding her breath until the measurement's done, at which point the nurse takes the actual measurement.
  • Chapter 17 (Adapted in S1E08): Nene's first day on the job is just as hilarious as Aoba's.
    • What happened was Nene was on summer break until she notice a part-time recruitment notice for Beta testers from Aoba's company. Taking the job, she works under Umiko. Unfortunately due to Nene's habit and intention to surprise Aoba (even though Aoba already know when she spotted Nene while Nene's looking at Hajime's rare figures), she was mistaken as a spy by Umiko to the point Nene calls her help.
    • When Kou says that she doesn't think anyone would spy on Eagle Jump, Umiko says "You think so? I originally joined this company as a spy," before adding that she's kidding with a straight face.
    • Nene asks how she's supposed to play the game she's testing if it keeps freezng on her. Aoba points out that finding and reporting the bugs is Nene's job.
  • Chapter 18 (Adapted in S1E08): Pudding is such Serious Business until to the point that poor Nene nearly breaks down.
    • What happen was Nene happens to spot the last pudding inside the fridge and ate it. Unforunately, she soon realizes that it happens to be Ko's pudding and when Ko finds out it is missing, Ko was upset about it. Due to the 'nature' of the company, Nene completely mistook to be very serious. Poor Nene.
  • Chapter 20: Hajime's attempt at teaching Aoba how to exchange business cards, including handing hers over with both hands, forcing Aoba to put hers on a nearby surface to take it. In the next strip Aoba is down on one knee accepting Hajime's card as if it were a proposal.
  • Chapter 21: (Adapted in S1E10) Nene tripping onto a plug, it's fine. Nene unplugging Umiko's PC beside her... Nene's expression says it all.
  • Chapter 24 (Adapted in S1E12): Talking too much about your game within an earshot of a lot of fans is a hilarious and absolutely terrifying way to give birth to a Memetic Badass.
  • Chapter 25 (Adapted in S1E12):
    • Nene wins the third prize in a raffle, a model BK-47 donated by Umiko. Nene isn't sure if she likes it or not.
    • The events that transpire after the party. A drunken Ko runs into a utility pole, and Aoba and Rin eventually catch up. While a police officer comes by and tells all of them that it's not safe for them to be out so late, Nene arrives holding the gun she won. She tries to hide it behind her back.
  • In Chapter 29, Ko gets drunk enough to call Umiko "Umigon," much to her annoyance. Some time later, when Umiko gets drunk herself, she asks whether "Umigon" is a sea creature (Umiko's name means "child of the sea" in Japanese).
  • Chapter 32 (Adopted in S2E01):
    • Nene and Umiko's impromptu hide-and-seek game, ending with Umiko getting the upper hand.
    • Nene tastes a sample of Umiko's food and begins to return the favor, only to fake out at the last minute and feed herself. Umiko's half-shocked, half-ticked face sells the moment.
  • Chapter 37:
    • Nene stands outside Aoba's house and calls her out to play. Aoba opens the front door and tells Nene that she starts working again today, all with an annoyed expression.
    • (Adapted in S2E03) Shizuku tries to embarass Umiko with some Romantic Spoonfeeding, but Umiko eats the food without hesitation. Umiko says it was because she was used to it from someone else, but refuses to elaborate any further.
  • Chapter 39: Yun is so unused to Hifumi's leadership style that she begs to be scolded for lying about a deadline. Hifumi imitates a character cosplay and grabs Yun's chin, while demanding that Yun say she's sorry. Aoba happens to walk in at that moment.
  • Chapter 64: Immediately after Kou's plane takes off, following Aoba's emotional goodbye to Kou Naru asks Momo if Kou ever told her what the decision on her internship was. Rin then reveals that Kou forgot to tell Momo that she was hired, and Momo is quite annoyed, realizing how irresponsible Kou really is. Momo and Aoba then scream "Yagami-san, you jerk!" in unison, prompting a Sneeze Cut to Kou.
  • Volume 5 bonus strip: Nene recounts how she and Aoba became friends. The two were about to buy the last watermelon, and Nene says it's hers because she was there first. Aoba then offers to pay double, Nene counter-offers ten times the price, and Aoba counters that with 100 times. The seller splits the watermelon in half and sells to each for 100 yen.
  • Chapter 72: In an otherwise serious chapter, Naru gets a giggle out of Momo calling Nene "Nenecchi-san," combining the Affectionate Nickname Aoba and Naru use on her with the formality Momo uses on most of her coworkers.
  • In Chapter 76, Yun proposes that Hajime dress up for her presentation, so Hajime decides to wear a pantsuit. Unfortunately, her shirt is too low-cut, and ends up exposing her cleavage when she bows. Yun protests that it's "too indecent," and Hajime fires back that Yun picked it.
  • In the Volume 7 bonus chapter, the fact that spiders aren't insects is acknowledged when the Buggy Rangers Five face the Big Bad, only for him to No-Sell their attacks and declare that Spider Red is an arthropod. Cue the other teammates saying that Spider Red is one of them, and all of them defeating the villain together with the help of all arthropods, much to Hajime's delight.
  • In Chapter 79, as the girls are getting dressed for their Coming of Age Day ceremony, Nene asks if she can help, only for Naru and Hotaru to say "You just sit still, Nenecchi," in unison, amazing her by how well they are in sync. Their decision proves to be wise when Nene tries getting dressed by herself and makes a mess of her kimono, much to Naru and Hotaru's displeasure.
  • In Chapter 81, Hajime sees Yun run off to cry after the first round of the character competition, then tries to peer over the stall wall to give a heartfelt talk to her. Unfortunately, Yun finds it hard to keep herself propped up.
  • In Chapter 86, immediately after hearing praise from Sophie, a drunken Aoba throws up, prompting Hotaru to point out that Aoba "spoiled the moment."
  • Also from Chapter 86, Naru accidentally gets the water and alcohol cups mixed up, and drunkenly apologizes for being such a failure as a programmer and inn heiress. Momo then gives Naru what she thinks is a glass of water... which turns out to be alcohol.
  • In Chapter 89, Naru's father congratulates Tsubame by having his wife bring a wooden ema with a message carved in it. Naru mentions that this isn't too different from if he had come in person.
  • Also from the same chapter, Nene, who's graduating from college, is legally an adult and is dressed in a nice kimono, is still being mistaken for a middle schooler.
  • In Chapter 91, Rin calls Kou, only for Hotaru to pick up the phone. Naturally, Rin isn't happy.


  • Episode 4: Aoba's utterly bewildered look when she catches Ko and Rin lying together with their pants off, as a result of the former snickering upon hearing Aoba's "ganbaru-zoi" line. Aoba and Rin trying to shout over each other while Ko looks with an amused look on her face seals the deal.
  • Episode 9: Aoba asks Hajime to borrow her Dandy Max figure, but finds herself roped into a conversation about the series. Yun joins in and says they're being too loud, and Aoba thinks she's saved, but it turns out Yun is reciting another quote from the series.
  • Episode 10:
    • While Hifumi thanks Umiko for the empty shell casing a soft, sparkly background appears behind her. The type of background persists when it switches back to Umiko's stonce-faced expression.
    • The flashback where Aoba saves Nene from some bullies. Aoba is running towards the group... at a very slow pace, and she's gasping for breath when she reaches them. Even the bullies look confused.
    • Related to the above, it's also quite funny that this was the first thing that came to Nene's mind when she was asked for an example of a time when Aoba got angry.
    • Nene tripping over a cable is depicted in a long, protracted slow-motion sequence, and is all the more ridiculous for it.
  • Episode 8 (Season 2)note : Aoba, Hajime, and Yun are in charge of planning a welcoming party for the new hires, and ask Shizuku for ideas, whereupon she insists on a maid cafe. The three girls respond that they've never been to one, so Shizuku decides to show them what the experience is like by having the girls act as cafe maids. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Shizuku dresses the three of them up in maid outfits (complete with cat ears) and takes several pictures before getting down to the practice session, complete with scripts. Yun is particularly notable, as she was assigned a Tsundere maid role.
    • Aoba has apparently never seen the old "cast a spell to make it yummy" cliche, so her "spell" is basically acting like a creepy witch chanting a curse over Hazuki's tea.
    • Hajime notes that she hasn't been assigned a role like the other two, and Shizuku tells her that she doesn't really need one because she has other "features", which results in a close-up of Hajime's chest. She catches on and delivers a shit-eating grin in Yun's annoyed direction.
    • Hifumi and Momiji wander in while the former is showing the latter around the office. When Shizuku tries to get them both to join in, Hifumi IMMEDIATELY leaves with a rare expression of annoyance (which Aoba describes as Hifumi's "I want nothing to do with this" face).
    • Momiji, on the other hand, is told by Aoba that she doesn't have to participate if she doesn't think she's up to it, which Momiji takes as a challenge, and she dresses up as well. Shizuku asks her to act like a cat and add -nyan to her sentences. When Momiji obliges, Shizuku's resulting nosebleed is basically a waterfall.
    • The scene ends with Shizuku having her eyes covered from behind with the old Guess Who game. Unfortunately for her, it's Umiko, who drags her back to work while the four "maids" are left wondering what that was all supposed to accomplish.


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