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Heartwarming / Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

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  • In the OP, there's a scene where Balsa and Chagum are spending the night in a cave. Chagum is nestled up against her, fast asleep. This is fairly cute by itself, but it becomes more so when Chagum starts to stir uneasily, like he’s having a nightmare. A tear rolls down his cheek. When Balsa notices, she looks faintly annoyed for a moment, then visibly softens and covers his hand with hers.
  • Episode 2: When Chagum is almost asleep on his feet, Balsa gives him a piggyback ride the rest of the way. It’s adorable.
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  • Episode 8: Despite the rumors going around, the blacksmith waits until he hears about Balsa from the Hounds to make his decision. They have nothing but praise for her efforts, despite being opposition.
  • Episode 9: Chagum's mother doesn't doubt that her son is still alive because Balsa's eyes showed she had great strength of will.
  • Episode 17: In a Pet the Dog moment, one of the Emperor's men who have been pursing Balsa stop Toya from being made to talk, praising him for his bravery in setting the fire to warn her, but also tells him to care for his own life more.
  • Episode 19: Although it was on the heels of having slapped him, Balsa tearfully explains that even if Chagum were to die at the hands of Rarunga, it would only be after Balsa had died defending him first.
  • Episode 22: The conclusion to the story with Balsa and Jigoro, and Chagum wanting to learn to defend himself as well.
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  • Episode 26: Chagum and his mother are reunited.


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