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YMMV / Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

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    The Anime 
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: About halfway through the series, they take a break from the main plot for a lengthy discussion from a blacksmith about a theoretical perfect weapon which would enable its wielder to defeat an opponent without killing him. Shortly thereafter, Balsa finds herself stalked by an enemy she once defeated, who now imitates her clothes and methods in a He Who Fights Monsters effort to "become the tiger". Balsa is pushed further and further over the edge and eventually must fight him to the death despite her vow never to take a life. With her shiny new weapon in hand, she delivers what she thinks is a fatal blow, and walks off... only for the witnesses to discover that the man is alive and unharmed but now amnesiac. This has no bearing to the main plot.
  • Misblamed: When the run was initially cut short 10 episodes in on [adult swim], many people saw this as the channel deliberately killing the show, especially since the show had already been moved to 5:30 AM, and this was considered the Dork Age of their treatment of anime. However, the actual cause was due to licensing issues, especially as Geneon's American branch had just collapsed. The channel would eventually air the complete series in a better time-slot after all the hubbub had passed.
  • Narm: The second to last episode has a scene where Tanda is sent into another world when he passes through the border... but his horse isn't. This all happens instantly. It comes off as humorous because, at first, it looks like an animation mistake. It isn't — his horse really did suddenly disappear out from under him.


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