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Tear Jerker / Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

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  • Episode 16: Sagum passed away before Shuga could bring him proof that his brother was still alive.
  • Episode 19: Balsa and Chagum have the first argument ever due to the latter having decided to return home so his mother and deceased brother can protect him, under the belief that they care more about the egg than him. Balsa gives him her spear, telling him to kill her if he wishes to do so. Chagum then actually tries to and she ends up having to slap some sense into him.
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  • Episode 21: Jigoro having to kill the other spear wielders. The first one was eager to prove himself, but the second one's family had been taken hostage and was his best friend.
  • Episode 26: Chagum is back at home as a hero, but he cannot see Balsa again since he is the crown prince now. He has to leave all the friends he made back then behind as well.

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