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Heartwarming / Marvel Future Avengers

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  • From the first episode, Makoto insists that he and Bruno are friends and not rivals.
    • When Adi and Chloé come to free him, Makoto notes they can't leave Bruno behind.
    Chloé: Are you sure? Bruno's...
    Makoto: Hey, he's like a brother to me!
    • The only reason Makoto resorted to going to Tony, who he'd been led to believe his whole life was a ruthless villain? He was desperate to save his friends from Hydra.
  • Episode 2, Makato confronting Red Skull, demanding to know where Adi, Chloé and Bruno are being held.
    • After Bruno reveals to Makoto that he believes he genuinely can't change sides because of his reliance on Hydra's technology to live. Makoto doesn't get angry at him, even agreeing to stay his friend.
    • Despite having only just met Makoto, Tony quickly becomes very protective of him and the other kids.
  • Episode 3, Wasp sympathizing with Makoto and the other kids. Also, she argues adamantly that Makoto should not be treated like a lab rat and is technically the first to approve of Makoto's idea of becoming an Avenger.
    • In the end, it's Wasp, Thor and eventually Tony who all vote in favor of allowing Makoto, Adi and Chloé onto the team.
    • After the battle with the Winter Solider, Thor appears angry with Makoto for breaking protocol. Turn's out he's actually rather impressed instead.
    Thor: (a stern look on his face) Ignoring all commands to stop. Rushing into battle by yourself. You really are a foolish lad. But however foolish... (expression softens) I cannot deny your bravery.
  • Episode 4, the reason Tony and the other Avengers asked Carol to keep an eye on Makoto and the other kids? They were genuinely concerned, wanting to know the kids could handle being heroes.
    • When one of the kids that they saved said that they were full-fledged heroes, Makoto is brought to happy tears with stary-eyes.
  • Episode 5, the people of K'un-Lun being friendly and accommodating to Thor and the kids. They already know Thor can be trusted, and believe that any friend of his is worthy of the same trust.
    • Iron Fist taking Adi aside to help him with his training.
  • Episode 6, after Ezekiel Stane accuses Tony of having committed "crimes" against his father. Makoto argues that Ezekiel must be lying, wholeheartedly believing in Tony's innocence.
    • Captain America paying Adi a visit, offering the boy a chance to talk when he's feeling guilt over what HYDRA made him do in the past.
  • Episode 7, Deadpool of all people has a moment when he shields Makoto from the bullets from Crossbones Gatling gun.
  • Episode 8 starts off with the Avengers setting up a surprise birthday party for Cap. Just watching the Avengers and Future Avengers working together to make Steve's party special is heartwarming.
    • When Bruno appears before the Avengers. Wasp calmly approaches him, telling him the Avengers only wish to help him. Unfortunately, he goes on the attack and badly injures Wasp.
  • Episode 9, Clint's reaction at the beginning when he learns that the Avengers had apparently been killed. Though it also counts as a Tear Jerker.
    • When Enchantress attempts to torture Black Widow, Hawkeye demands that she choose him instead.
    • Not long after he does the same for Captain Marvel when Ares threatens to kill her.
  • Episode 10, Adi and Hulk keeping vigil at Makoto's bedside while he's still in recovery.
    • At one point, while speaking with Black Panther. Chloé refers to Makoto as her brother, even though the two are not actually related by blood.
    • Before that, Thor mentions Adi sees Chloé as a sister.
    • After a shaky start, Chloé meets Black Panther properly. T'Challa becomes impressed with her tenacity and motives. After that the pair get along much better.
  • Episode 11, Makoto arguing with Hulk that his rampage during the battle with the Green Goblin wasn't his fault. He even gets angry at Tony for creating the Hulkbuster suit without telling Hulk or anyone else about it.
    • Councilman Reiner, an honest politician who respects superheroes and recognizes Norman Osborn's Super Hero Registration Act would only hinder them.
    • Theirs also Spider-Man's interactions with the kids throughout the Green Goblin arc, even sharing his 'With Great power must come great responsibility' speech to them. Given his experience as a Teen Hero, it's likely he sympathizes with them.
  • Episode 12, Makoto and Hulk managing to stop a forest fire. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Episode 15, Kamala getting her chance to meet Captain Marvel.
  • Episode 17, Ursa Major feels down after being insulted by a Hydra minion as a stupid bear. He asks Crimson Dynamo if he looks like one but tells him that he is smart like a circus bear, which actually cheered him up.
  • In episode 19, Makoto has a surprisingly deep conversation with Loki, in regard to his strained relationship with his brother Thor.
    Makoto: I get it, I also have a friend who I'm sort of fighting with. He's been consumed by the allure of darkness, and he's come close to hurting me several times. Even so, I think I'm still gonna forgive him anyway. I know this may sound weird, but it just feels right. It makes me happy, knowing I don't hold a grudge.
    Loki: (chuckles thoughtfully) Wow child, you actually give me hope that things may actually work out for me as well.
  • Episode 21, Tony and the rest of the Avengers assuring Makoto and the others that they really do trust them. Pointing out that they only want to protect them, because they see the kids as their friends.
  • Episode 26, after Kang's defeat Makoto and Bruno bury the hatchet on their rivalry and agree to always stay good friends.