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Heartwarming / Martian Successor Nadesico

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  • Seiya Uribatake's second-and-final scene with his wife and son in Martian Successor Nadesico, having gone from a horribly unstable relationship at the beginning of the series (actually played for laughs when he goes on the mission just to get away), to nearly pursuing a relationship with Hikaru — who instead chooses to help him through his issues, partly on the grounds that, well, he's married — to finally, just having come home for the first time in two years and having to leave again...
    Seiya's Wife: When will you be back?
    Seiya: I don't know. It might be tomorrow. It might be ten years from now. [turns toward her, smiling] But I will come back.
    • Another: Ruri's Day in the Limelight episode reveals that she's dreamed of a river almost every night since she was a baby. Near the end, she returns to the facility where she was raised, and hears the sound of rushing water. She runs after it, hears it behind a door, and can't get it to open... at which point Akito kicks the door open. For the first time, Ruri sees the river she's heard in her dreams her whole life... and it's during the salmon run, no less. Cue her giving a rare honest smile.


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