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The reason of the old style animation of Gekiganger was a side-effect of the second coming of jesus
  • When he came back, there was a lot of chaos and many of the most important animation studios were destroyed or lost a lot of money. To survive, they had to use some of the older and cheaper techniques of animation, giving us the Gekiganger all of us love.
  • No one complained about all the similarities to half-remembered 1970's cartoons, because most of the video tapes from that era were destroyed.

Gai was a Jovian and Hikaru's boyfriend

But not just any Jovian. His parents were some of the higher ups in the Jovian military. After seeing Mars taken by the Earthlings, they traveled to Earth in order to attempt peace talks (and find copies of the missing episodes of Gekiganger). They took their young son, Gai, along with them. However, like with Tsukumo, certain members of the Jovian military didn't want these peace talks to occur. Gai's parents were assassinated upon arrival and their deaths were used as anti-Earth propaganda. Gai, left on Earth under the assumed name of Jiro Yamada (the boring alias his mother gave him), originally joined Nergal with the hope of meeting up with the Jovians and exposing the truth about his parent's murder. Ohh, and to pilot giant robots.

While on Earth, he was able to locate the missing episodes of Gekiganger and was Hikaru's boyfriend. They met while they trained together and he was the one to introduce her to Gekiganger 3. They never actually broke up. Both were going to serve together on the Nadesico when word arrived that he had been killed. Hikaru pushed away her sadness behind her genki girl attitude. She didn't confront Munetake because the report only said one of his men shot Gai, and not Munetake himself. Ryoko and Izumi don't mention him because they don't want to reopen any of Hikaru's emotional wounds.


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