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  • Actor Allusion: In the English dub Gai is voiced by Brett Weaver, who also played Roy Focker and was scheduled to play Kamina before ADV lost the license.
  • Acting for Two: In the Latin American Spanish dub of the TV series, Desirée Sandoval voices Megumi Reynard and Ryoko Subaru, Diana Nolan voices Ai, Eri Uemura and Harumi Tanaka, Araceli Ramírez voices Sayuri and Junko, and Mario Hernández voices Jin Fukube and Haruki Kusabe.
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  • Creator Backlash: Although Tiffany Grant (Ryoko's English VA) has fond memories of working on both the TV series and Prince of Darkness, she didn't care much about the latter.
  • Franchise Killer: The lackluster performance of Prince of Darkness caused Xebec to retire the series altogether.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": A very egregious case happens in the Latin American Spanish dub of both Prince of Darkness and the TV series: The movie came first in Spanish and the TV series many years later due to Locomotion (the network who licensed the movie in Spanish in Latin America) only managed to get the rights of Prince of Darkness, due to the Japanese licensors asking very unrealistic petitions for the rights of the TV series in Latin America. The TV series was licensed in Latin America by Animax (previously Locomotion), albeit with a different voice cast from Cuernavaca.
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  • Old Shame: Tiffany Grant thought that the film wasn't up to par with the original TV series.
  • The Other Darrin: As previously mentioned before, the Latin American Spanish dub of TV series has a different voice cast, partly due to the time gap between the licensing of both Prince of Darkness and the TV series (the movie was released in Latin America in 2001 and the TV series about 2005) and partly because Animax decided to use another, cheaper voice acting studio in Cuernavaca (Intertrack in this case, since it moved from Mexico City in 2002), when the dub of the movie was dubbed at Román Sound, also based in Mexico City.
  • Real-Life Relative: Akito and Ruri's Japanese voice actors are husband and wife. Thankfully not replicated in-series, albeit doesn't prevent Ruri's dialogues towards Akito and vice versa from sounding more passionate than those between Akito and Yurika, the official couple of the series.
    • Subverted between the Latin American voice actors of both characters in Prince of Darkness: Despite having the same last name, Ariadna Rivas (Ruri) and Emmanuel Rivas (Akito) aren't related.
  • Star-Making Role:
    • Yurika is the debut role of Houko Kuwashima and it immediately launched her into stardom.
    • The same thing goes in the Latin American Spanish dub for Ruri's voice actress in the movie, Ariadna Rivas.note 
  • Stillborn Franchise: Nadesico was planned to have a trilogy of movies to tie up loose ends, along with a video game to explain how things ended up that way. The Prince of Darkness bombed quite badly, and no more effort has been put into the series. A video game that covers the events between the series and The Prince of Darkness was released, but in Japan only.
  • Technology Marches On: While the series did accurately predict that VHS tapes would be obsolete in the future, it does not do the same with floppy disks.
  • This series has been a staple in the Super Robot Wars franchise ever since Advance. The series is known to give Nadesico a lot of Fix Fic treatments, if the original series is a Deconstruction of the tropes, including it in an SRW would most likely be reconstructing it, it's not too rare to have Akito in that game reaffirm that Gekiganger 3 is a fun anime worth liking and the ideals worth following through, instead of being disillusioned with it thanks to the Jovian Lizards and Martian Successors ruining its message. Most common Fix Fic elements of this series:
    • Averting Gai Daigoji's death. If he has to die, then it would be for a heroic cause. Super Robot Wars W is also notable for a what-if scenario where Gai survived and participated in the events of Prince of Darkness.
    • Tearing up the Karma Houdini Warranty of Haruki Kusakabe. He is not going to escape the hand of karma in this series, be it being killed or being surely arrested and made to pay for his crimes.
    • Wrapping up the Prince of Darkness' Darker and Edgier parts quickly and also reintroducing the classic series' comedy into the movie, and usually, allowing Yurika to be saved and then she and Akito proceed to earn their happy ending, with Akito moving away from his edgy self slowly. This is usually stated as one of the best fixes of problematic series, up there with how SRW fixed Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

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