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  • The clacks operators honor Miss Dearheart's brother by sending his name on the clacks, with a code attached that means the message will just keep going up and down the Grand Trunk, forever. "You know how they say a man is never dead while his name is being spoken?"
    • This idea became a real-life CMOH after the death of Terry Pratchett, when computer geeks the world over started putting Sir Terry's name into the HTTP headers of web servers and elsewhere. There are even plugins for popular web browser that display an icon to show when a site is sending Terry's name in the "clacks overhead".
  • Anghammarad (a golem), having tried its damnedest to save letters from a fire, is hit by cold water. Cold water + red-hot clay = explosion. When it ends up in the desert before the afterlife, Death informs it that the afterlife is on the other side.
    Anghammarad: I Will Stay Here, Please.
    Death: Here? There's nothing to do here.
    Anghammarad: Yes. It Is Perfect. I Am Free.
    • Doubly heartwarming since much of the conflict in the first half of the book was acknowledging that golems were not just tools. After this point, there is no question, as Death himself treats them as people.
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  • Earlier, when the postmen are leery about letting golems join them, Anghammarad tells them the story of how he has been a messenger for nineteen thousand years, and Moist says to the postmen "And you will decide if he is a postman?" They cluster up for a moment, then the basic conclusion is, "It would be an honour." Afterwards, they end up giving him the title of Extremely Senior Postman.
    It seemed only... fair.
  • During the night, Moist is tormented by a vision of a farmer Driven to Suicide by his first scam. The next morning, he's greeted by an ecstatic couple. The letter he delivered the previous day was a marriage proposal and the lady said yes. The guy hands him a pack of wedding invitations, a handful of coins, and says "I'm so glad you're back in business!" To make it better, when the visitor was announced, Moist was terrified the man was going to kill him for being so late (since sending the letter, both the man and the lady married other people because of the proposal not being received... but by the time the letter arrived, the spouses died.)
    Mr. Pump: How does it feel to make someone's life better, Mr.Lipwig?
    Moist: Unusual.
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  • The hints that Sacharissa and William got married.
  • Moist's confession to Miss Dearheart of having been the con man who cost her the job at the bank in Sto Lat — the confession that leads her to help him defeat Gilt's Grand Trunk.
  • In the film, the moment when retired postmen come to help after the fire.
  • Miss Dearheart telling Moist the false message made her mother happy. It wasn't true, but it should have been.

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