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Tear Jerker / Going Postal

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  • In a Call-Back to Feet of Clay, we discover what Dorfl meant when he said that the one thing golems crave is 'Respite'. The golem Anghammarad spent over 19,000 years obeying orders, following rules, being dutiful and responsible and obedient as entire civilizations rose and fell. When he's obliterated, Death brings him to the featureless, empty black desert that lies between the Discworld and the afterlife. But Anghammarad has no need of judgement.
    Anghammarad: I Will Stay Here, Please.
    Death: Here? There's nothing to do here.
    Anghammarad: Yes. It Is Perfect. I Am Free.
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  • The touching relationship between the clacksmen, lonely and far from home, and the admiring local kids who help them out.
  • Moist believes in angels.
    'You're fooling no one but yourself,' said Miss Dearheart, and reached for his hand.

    Moist — shook her off, and ran out of the building, out of the city and back to his old life, or lives, always moving on, selling glass as diamond, but somehow it just didn't seem to work any more, the flair wasn't there, the fun had dropped out of it, even the cards didn't seem to work for him, the money ran out, and one winter in some inn that was no more than a slum he turned his face to the wall

    And an angel appeared.
  • A real life one, combined with Heartwarming Moment on the part of the fanbase: Since Sir Terry's death, it is common to tag posts referencing him or Discworld with "GNU Terry Pratchett" because "A man's not dead while his name's still spoken."

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