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Nightmare Fuel / Going Postal

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  • The One Month Prologue.
    • The fates of the four previous postmasters:
      • Mr Mutable falls five stories 'smack, sir, smack on to the marble' head first, and splashes,
      • Mr Sideburn drops through the ghost of a staircase and falls down five flights of stairs, breaking just about every bone in his body in the process,
      • Mr Ignavia dies from a heart attack that, we later learn, was caused by walking through a human ghost and seeing everything inside them as he did it,
      • And as for poor Dark Clerk Whobblebury, who fell onto the "Bloody Stupid" Johnson-designed Sorting Engine... 'His head was all over the wall!'
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  • Mr Gryle is walking Nightmare Fuel. The wild banshee is not Played for Laughs and unnerves even Gilt's dedicated Igor, who has worked with werewolves and vampires before.
  • The clacksmen's tendency to think they can fly, and learn otherwise.
  • A brief, chilling and utterly mundane mention of a thirteen years-old girl who doesn't understand why an operator refuses to let her alone in the clack towers with his colleagues. The narration implies she will later understand the operator feared they would assault and rape her.
    • Given the tone of the Discworld books, it's more likely he was concerned about attempted, non-violent hanky-panky. (Or perhaps even consensual hanky-panky — not every chaperone was there for protection.)

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