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Heartwarming / Monstrous Regiment

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  • Wazzer speaks with the voice of the Duchess, and bids all the generals to return to their homes, and rebuild their country — and she returns their kiss of service.
  • Polly, afraid for her brother's life, finally finds him in the custody of Vimes; she sees that someone had given him a box of colored chalk and he was happy as can be, drawing birds. Buggy's buzzard is even perched there for reference.
  • Wazzer/Alice's happy ending: She gets her own room at the Palace, knows the Duchess has blessed her, and she's never beaten again. And that was all she ever wanted.
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  • Lofty makes an inspiring Band of Sisters speech, without saying a word.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but when the roof of the tribunal falls in, everyone hits the deck—except Igorina, who instead throws herself over the unconscious Wazzer. Igors note  take their responsibilities to their patients seriously.
  • Jackrum's Last Stand. That is all. She reunites with the son that she gave up for adoption many years ago, but rather than reveal her true gender tells him that she is his long-lost father.
  • Lofty and Tonker go off together and burn down the Girl's Working School.
  • Maladict also known as Maladicta is the only one of the regiment (besides Polly) to return to military life at the end of the novel, indicating that despite her cynical personality, she still wants to work for the ideals set out by Wazzer. Also, whether you see her and Polly's relationship as friendship or something else, it seems that reuniting with Pol was also part of Mal's motivation.
    • Word of God is that Mal did indeed return out of love for Polly.
  • Jackrum ran away to join the army in order to be with her sweetheart, and from the limited account we get, they seemed to make it work and be very happy together - right up until he got killed right next to her.
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  • Polly at the end of the book, to the two new recruits: "You are my little lads - or not, as the case may be - and I will look after you."
  • Carborundum/Jade the troll and her beau get engaged/married.
  • Shufti and her child lived in Perks' family inn along Paul and Old Perks. As happy as they can get.
  • After being driven out of the country by the religious mania, the dwarves later return bearing humanitarian aid.

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