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Heartwarming / From Dusk Till Dawn

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The Film

  • Richie offering to pay for Scott to have a lapdance with one of the strippers he shows interest in. It's pretty heartwarming to see Richie warm up to a family he would have killed without thinking twice.
    • Then again, he did act nice to the bank hostage lady he had to keep a eye on, before he ended up raping and killing and is known to be a harsh sexual offender. Maybe since Scott was a guy and was part of a family who managed to smuggle him and Seth into Mexico, he was just happy at the time.
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  • The scene where Seth tells his awakening brother that they've made it into Mexico is surprisingly sweet. It's very similar to a parent telling their child they made it to Disneyland.
  • Seth and Jacob get a rather nice moment as well. Jacob manages to cheer up a rather pissed off Seth by reminding him that he practically won his battle with the law in America. Seth then calms down and then insists that he have a drink with Jacob. They both toast to their families.
    • The way the scene plays out is, Seth is pissed at one of the other bikers because of an earlier altercation, and plans on getting drunk and going after him. Jacob, who a moment earlier refused to have a drink with Seth, doesn't try to cheer him up; rather, he calls Seth out on his temper and reminds him exactly what he's managed to do. Seth, who seems to respect Jacob even more as a result of this, then calmly pours Jacob a drink and insists that he join in, and Jacob accepts.
  • In this movie, there's arguably one for one of the vampires. The bar man tells Jacob and his family that the bar is only for truckers and bikers, and at first it seems like he's being a stickler on the rules and refusing customers for no reason. But it's possible that he saw a family with children and either wanted to avoid them getting killed and turned or else didn't want to risk the potential paper trail. Still heartwarming in that he tried to get the group out of a deadly situation he knew about.
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  • Seth giving Kate a portion of the money, then declining her offer to accompany him, not wanting to mess up her life anymore than he already has.
    Seth: Go home, Kate. I may be a bastard, but I'm not a fuckin' bastard.
  • After Jacob realizes he's been bitten, he insists and demands of the others that they promise to kill him when he turns. While his children hesitate, Seth immediately promises. If this had happened earlier in the movie, it would be easy to write it off as Seth just agreeing to do what he does anyways, but remember that this comes after the "Are you a loser?" conversation that Seth and Jacob have. Jacob earned Seth's respect and perhaps his admiration as a result, and so Seth promises not to let a man of God that he respects stay forever damned as a vampire.

The Series

  • In "Rio Sangre", Kisa gets badly injured during the fight and Seth helps her get out into a hallway. And Kisa tells him that part of the reason she came back was because she kept thinking about him and the fact that even though he has all right to hate the culebras after everything, he still fights for them, even if it's just because their interests align with his. Seth then repays her by offering to let her feed from him so she can heal, after spending the last two seasons refusing to let even Richie feed from him.