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Heartwarming / The Fugitive

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The TV series:

The movie:

  • Kimble risking his freedom to tend to an injured boy, saving his life.
  • In another example of his heroic nature, Kimble manages to get the shivved guard out of the bus just before the train hits. He risked his life to save a man he didn't even know from a brutal death, which SHOULD have been a clue to officials that he wasn't a bad guy from the start. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • He saved this guard *twice*. Once from the train, and again by instructing the ambulance crew on his injuries.
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  • When Kimble and Gerard meet again.
    Kimble: (gestures down to the now-unconscious Nichols) They killed my wife.
    Gerard: I know it, Richard. I know it. But it's over now.
  • "I thought you didn't care." "I don't. Don't tell anybody, okay?"
  • After Gerard saves Newman from Copeland, albeit shooting him at point blank range:
    Gerard: How are you feeling?
    Newman: Lousy. I have ringing in my ears. I'm afraid I may suffer permanent hearing loss.
    Gerard: You honestly believe I should have bargained with that man. That I should have listened to what he had to say, despite the fact he had you at gunpoint?
    Newman: (pausing) Yeah.
    Gerard: Can you hear me in this ear?
    Newman: Yes.
    Gerard: (whispering) I. Don't. Bargain.
    • While that moment doesn't seem to be very heartwarming, the offhanded comment Gerard gives to one of his superiors over the phone afterwards definitely is.
    Gerard: What can I tell you, sir? Mr. Copeland was a bad man. He was gonna kill one of my kids. (the man on the other end is still looking for someone to blame) Well, sir, you can blame me. I mean, I'm the one who shot him.
  • After messing around with him all film, Gerard pointedly and publicly praises Newman's police work after his effective questioning of Bones Roosevelt.
  • While Copeland was an asshole for not helping Kimble rescue the wounded guard during the derailment, he does help a weak and weary Kimble reach higher ground before going their separate ways.