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For the movie

  • When Seth, Jacob, Sex Machine and Frost square off against a team of female vampires. The boys look surprisingly badass, considering the ludicrous nature of their situation.
  • The climax of the movie gives us vampires standing under a disco ball when it is hit by sunbeams.
  • Former Pastor Jacob gets two before the Half Way Plot Switch. The first one is when he manages to get between Seth and a rowdy bartender who are about to start a fight. Jacob cooly defuses the situation by explaining the situation and that he is in fact a truck driver and how the gecko brothers are his friends. The second moment of awesome comes when Seth is still getting world up about the bartender, to which Jacob reminds him how he managed to evade the entire Texas police force and that he should be cool, considering he already won.
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  • Jacob, after being bitten, creates a makeshift crucifix using a bat and a SHOTGUN, using the bat to pump the shotgun and to hold back the vampires and make his way to the room where his kids and Seth are holed up.
  • The vampires are closing in Seth and Kate, everyone else is dead, they have very little ammo left. Kate asks if she should save the last bullets for themselves. Seth's response? "No, you use it on the next fuck who tries to bite you." Bad. Ass!
  • Sex Machine's revolver codpiece. Nuff said.
  • The survivors Gear Up montage, using items the vampires stole from previous victims to make an arsenal to fight back against the vampires, including condoms and super soakers full of holy water, crossbows, revolver bullets engraved with crucifixes and Seth putting together a jackhammer with a filed down table leg to drill into the vampires.
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  • Jacob has another moment before the big last stand where he makes the kids promise to kill him when he turns, holding a gun to his head and counting down to make them both swear they will.
  • Parts of Pete Bottoms the liquor store clerk's shootout with the bikers. It's hard to tell who to root for.
  • Frost' Vietnam story about killing a VC platoon.

For the series

  • The Gecko Brothers pulling off the most difficult job they've ever had to do, especially since time was not on their side. Slightly less epic since it was a mind game inside a labyrinth.
    • That's right, the Gecko brothers didn't beat mortal men; they beat the gods.
  • Santanico's cold response to Balthazar sneeringly telling her she's a "showgirl who wants to take down an empire":
    Santanico: No. I'm just going to kill the Emperor.
    • And in her battle versus Malvado, after he calls her a bitch? "True. But I'm not your bitch."
  • Any time Scott fights. Brandon Soo Hoo is trained in both Taekwondo and Wing Chun Kung Fu - holding a black belt in Taekwondo - and it shows.
  • The complete reinterpretation of Carlos is a meta moment of awesome for both show writers and his actor, Wilmer Valderrama. In the original, Carlos was a nothing role, a plot point, something that the Gecko Brothers had to encounter in order to get their happy ending. Not in this show. With an engaging backstory, a bucket full of badass moments, a manipulative personality, and an incredible collective performance by Wilmer Valderrama, the show took a plot point from the original movie and transformed him into arguably one of the show's best antagonists.

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