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Nightmare Fuel / From Dusk Till Dawn

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  • The first half of the film is arguably the most terrifying: it presents an entirely plausible scenario where a family is held hostage by a pair of desperate criminals, one of whom may well be serial rapist and murderer. By contrast, the second half is all action horror, and though it may be bloody and gruesome, it is practically a relief when compared to the tension of the first half.
  • Pete Bottoms the liquor store clerk's fate: being held hostage while being forced to act as if nothing is happening, having someone shot in the head right in front of him, being shot for warning a cop when he wasn't even trying to do that, and then being burned alive along with his shop.
  • Seth leaves Richard alone with hostage. Seth returns and witnesses result. It's made all the worse by the split-second flashes of the aftermath...
    • It gets worse in the show. In the film Richie shoots the hostage, but there's a pillow over her head. In the series, he cuts her eyes out.
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  • When Kate Fuller says "Richie, could you eat my pussy for me, please?", a disturbing realization is made. Before this point, one could've made an argument that Richie was simply being overly paranoid with the other people he's killed. But this scene up and reveals that his mind is able to hallucinate people saying things they actually aren't in reality. Meaning that he wasn't intentionally lying to Seth when he made those claims. Kind of makes you wonder if he even truly realizes he raped those women.
  • The "Feeding Time" scene where all the hookers reveal their vamp faces and attack the bar patrons can be jarring for those not expecting it. A lot of movie goers certainly were not expecting this. One even outright asking "The hell kinda flick is this?!"
    • Notable parts include: Santanico face morphing into a snake like look, the odd thing is that it seemed like they were going for a cobra like look where her haired merged with her skin till she shifts to a more streamlined baled headed look (likely so Selma could still move her head for the scene). Her attacking and killing Richie before she's knocked off. One of the hookers barring the door claiming "Dinner is served" while her face turns more bat like. The band likewise turning vampiric and using human parts as their instruments as they play through the chaos. One unfortunate patron getting his neck sliced open from his vampire hooker, one hooker behind a shadow screen holding the head of another patron above her, the hooker who tries to attack Frost that, unlike the others, doesn't go full bump face but the animated snake like eyes on her still make it unsettling. And finally Seth shooting at Santanico and her popping up unscathed and angry. She promptly knocks him to the floor and proclaims her as her new "dog" ending with the chilling line "Welcome to slavery". Luckily her monologuing gives Seth time to reload his gun and fire at the chandelier above them, dropping it on her.
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  • Richie suddenly turning into a vampire on Seth after he genuinely expresses love for his brother. It's so sudden and the effects really help with the shock.
  • Sex Machine likewise turning after he gets bitten in the arm. As seen from his perspective, it just kinda happens... He loses his hearing for a moment, a demonic voice tells him to kill the others, next thing he knows he has fangs and his hands turn into claws much to his horror. But what really makes this horrific is that for the moment it looks like he still has his sense of self there. But when it cuts away from him after his hide his hands behind his back and the scene focus on Frost. He suddenly rises behind him, completely vamped and bites him without warning and having no qualms with attacking his former allies. The same can be said of Frost who was only bitten for a moment, but gains his vamp face within minutes afterward.
  • A bit of Fridge Horror. When you look back at all the vampires featured in the film— especially the ones that are kind of "cartoon-ish" or down-right grotesque in design, it's actually really disturbing to think of them really existing. In the hypothetical real-life scenario obviously. It's easy to shrug off the make-up and vile creatures as just that but say that really is just what they look like. What they are. ...It makes the predicament the characters face seem all the more dire. Especially when they are essentially trapped with them all in what's basically their nest.
    • Makes you kinda dread what else the Titty Twister could be host to...
      • Well in the series, it's a prison for Demons, who the vampires were slaves to!
  • The end shot, context: it zooms out showing that the bar itself is the top of a huge Mesoamerican temple embedded in a cliff, and it is absolutely covered in wrecks of trucks, which shows that the events of the night, were just the last in a very very long line of nights just like it, only with no survivors, undead or alive.


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