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Nightmare Fuel / From Dusk Till Dawn

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  • Seth leaves Richard alone with hostage. Seth returns and witnesses result.
    • It gets worse in the show. In the film Richie shoots the hostage, but there's a pillow over her head. In the series, he cuts her eyes out.
  • When Kate Fuller says "Richie, could you eat my pussy for me, please?", a disturbing realization is made. Before this point, one could've made an argument that Richie was simply being overly paranoid with the other people he's killed. But this scene up and reveals that his mind is able to hallucinate people saying things they actually aren't in reality. Meaning that he wasn't intentionally lying to Seth when he made those claims. Kind of makes you wonder if he even truly realizes he raped those women.
  • A bit of Fridge Horror. When you look back at all the vampires featured in the film— especially the ones that are kind of "cartoon-ish" or down-right grotesque in design, it's actually really disturbing to think of them really existing. In the hypothetical real-life scenario obviously. It's easy to shrug off the make-up and vile creatures as just that but say that really is just what they look like. What they are. ...It makes the predicament the characters face seem all the more dire. Especially when they are essentially trapped with them all in what's basically their nest.
    • Makes you kinda dread what else the Titty Twister could be host to...

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