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  • "Buddy, you're more of an elf than anyone I've ever met." Coming from Santa, that's high praise indeed, and Edward Asner's warm delivery completely sells it.
  • Walter apologizing to Buddy after his I Have No Son! outburst at his office.
  • Emily being immediately (if a bit unrealistically) accepting of Buddy despite the fact that he's her husband's illegitimate child and seems kind of insane.
  • When Jovie starts to sing "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town", to have everyone join in to generate the necessary Christmas Spirit/Belief in Santa Claus which powers Santa's sleigh's ability to fly.
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  • Buddy meets a young girl named Carolyn in the doctor's office and asks what she wants for Christmas. She responds "a Susie-Talks-A-Lot." And later, as Michael shows Santa's Christmas list on TV, he mentions Carolyn and that exact gift.
    Carolyn (watching TV): Thanks, Buddy.
  • Buddy and Jovie skating at Rockefeller Center.
    • This exchange.
      Buddy: (after kissing Jovie on the cheek, now embarrassed) Sorry.
      Jovie: (smiles) You missed!
      Buddy: (confused) What do you mean I missed...?
      Jovie: You missed...
      (Jovie pulls him in to kiss him. Buddy smiles and kisses her again.)
    • In fact, their whole date is one of the cutest yet goofiest.
  • Michael introducing himself to Jovie as Buddy's brother, which is after the snowball fight when before, he wanted nothing to do with Buddy.
  • Walter finally singing along to "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," which powers the sleigh.
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  • Buddy names his daughter after his deceased biological mother.

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