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  • Why was Jovie attracted to Buddy? He's really weird and socially awkward.
    • Jovie seemed to enjoy Buddy's carefree attitude once she realized it was genuine. She was a lot more like Buddy than she initially let on.
    • Basically, it's the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope, except with the genders reversed.
    • Jovie also is a bit awkward, it's just that anybody seems normal while Buddy is nearby... which is probably a reason why she liked him.
  • So Gimbels is still operating roughly 15 years after it closed in Real Life?
    • This is a world where Santa is real, so it clearly wasn't the real world.
  • Miles Finch physically threatened Buddy, held him in a chokehold, and made a move that would've broke his arm if the movie wasn't going for a PG rating. Shouldn't he have been reported to the authorities, and then arrested for assault?
    • Maybe one of the Greenway Press people did just that, and the movie simply didn't show it.
      • Even if they did, Miles Finch is a famous author who's written more classics than Dr. Seuss. And he could afford houses in, like, three different states.
      • Each one with a 70" plasma screen TV! AND he gets more action in a week than you've had in your entire life, jackweeed.
      • In addition, they may have been reluctant to do so since Buddy was making seemingly derogatory remarks, and Miles could feasibly claim that he was provoked.
      • Aggravated assault is still assault when it's not in self-defense!
    • Filing a police report might be problematic for the Greenway folks, seeing as they were planning to write stories that cribbed all of Miles Finch's ideas without his consent.
  • It's heavily implied that Buddy has eaten nothing but sweets for most of his life, so how is he not dead? With elves, it's understandable that they could handle so much sugar since they're magical, but Buddy is a HUMAN.
    • It's also heavily implied that some of the Elf magic has rubbed off on him. Besides Buddy's dietary habits, he seems quite resistant to harm, has perfect aim, apparently can work tirelessly all day and night with only less than an hour of sleep, and his clothes never stain.
  • Why didn’t Santa go with Buddy to New York? He is apparently a lot more familiar with the place than Buddy is. Even if he has a busy job, I don’t see why he couldn’t take a day off to fly his sleigh there, act as a guide to Buddy, then fly back to the North Pole. Buddy was basically a stranger in a foreign land and being in a foreign country you know very little about without a guide can actually be dangerous. A lot of the trouble Buddy gets in could have been avoided if Santa or somebody else who knows New York better went with him. Buddy was also lucky he even made it to New York.
    • He’s too busy preparing for Christmas!
  • What exactly defines "Christmas spirit"? Is it simply belief in Santa or are more criteria required?
  • It is said that many people do not believe in Santa Claus and that it is their parents who put the presents out on Christmas Eve. That makes sense with children, teens and young adults still living with their parents, but what do the parents believe? You’d think the parents at least would know better because they would find presents they knew they didn't buy. If the parents don’t believe in Santa, shouldn’t they be questioning the unexplained appearance of these presents?
    • Maybe the mom assumed the dad bought the presents without her knowing, and vice versa.
  • Publishing companies do not remotely work like this. Any press large enough to have offices in Midtown Manhattan would be releasing dozens if not hundreds of books in any given fiscal year, and something like "The Puppy and the Pigeon" is unlikely to be a flagship title. A book with two blank pages would be caught by the layout or proofreading department at some point, and if it somehow went to press anyway, they would be the ones blamed, not anyone in a corner office. The very idea of plagiarizing a writer's notebook (and Miles seems like the litigious type) would be a massive financial risk even if someone had no ethical qualms about it whatever.
  • Buddy being a Cloudcuckoolander can be rationalized by growing up in the North Pole. Yet everyone else at the North Pole seems relatively normal. What's with that?
    • Buddy is a human man in his late 30s, forced into a lifestyle that is almost completely incompatible with human physiology (see above re. all-sugar diet and 40 minutes of sleep per night) and considered to be much younger than he really is going off elf developmental timelines. That definitely messed with his head and his development, making him odd by both human and elf standards.

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