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  • Why was Jovie attracted to Buddy? He's really weird and socially awkward.
    • Jovie seemed to enjoy Buddy's carefree attitude once she realized it was genuine. She was a lot more like Buddy than she initially let on.
  • So Gimbels is still operating roughly 15 years after it closed in Real Life?
    • This is a world where Santa is real, so it clearly wasn't the real world.
  • The Angry Elf scene is hilarious, I agree. However, Miles Finch physically threatened Buddy, held him in a chokehold, and made a move that would've broke his arm if the movie wasn't going for a PG rating. Shouldn't he have been reported to the authorities, and then arrested for assault?
    • Maybe one of the Greenway Press people did just that, and the movie simply didn't show it.
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    • They most likely chose not to do so because they were proceeding to write stories based on all of Miles Finch's ideas without his consent.
  • Buddy says that the four elf food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup, which basically means that he's eaten nothing but sweets for most of his life, so how is he not dead? With elves, it's understandable that they could handle so much sugar since they're magical, but Buddy is a HUMAN. He should pretty much have Super Diabetes by now.

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