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Fridge Brilliance

  • At the climax, when Walter joins in singing (and thus gives Santa's sleigh that last ounce of Christmas spirit needed to fly unaided) it seems like a cliché (if admittedly epic) act of saving the day. But then one remembers his college photo of him and his later lover. In it, you see him playing guitar and serenading her. This actually makes the climax even more heartwarming because singing made him relive that happiness he felt when he was with Susan. If that didn't bring him Christmas cheer, nothing would've.
Fridge Horror
  • The beginning of the movie shows Buddy in an orphanage as a baby, where a nun is putting him in his crib. Then Santa comes in and Buddy crawls into his bag for a teddy bear, where he's accidentally brought to the North Pole. The movie doesn't address this, but just imagine how devastated that nun was when she woke up the next morning and realized Buddy was missing. She most likely never found out what happened to him. For all she knows, Buddy could've been kidnapped.
    • Then again, considering it happened on Christmas Eve, who’s to say it isn’t possible that she guessed that Santa found him a home (that is, if she believes in Santa)?

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