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  • When Vegeta, Gohan, and Gotenks are being controlled by Demigra fully, the thing that makes Vegeta begin to fight it is Time Patrol Trunks calling out to his father. Even when he cannot recognize friend from foe, Vegeta will always recognize his own son.
    • Of course, this was already established but it doesn't diminish it.
  • The Taino Force qualifies as this as well, due to three of their members:
    • Taino herself. She always admired the Ginyu Force and worked hard to emulate them. By the end of the game, she has her own force, the Taino Force, with her as their leader. The girl's hard work paid off in the end.
    • Pima, a member of the Taino force. A Saiyan, the man spent the entirety of the game alone in a corner, sulking to himself, depressed and alone. He joined Taino because of how kind she was to him, and now says he'll willingly risk his life for her as a member of the Taino Force.
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    • Thirith, one of the maintenance bots, is a minor case. He always wanted to do something more than just clean... so Taino asked him to join the Taino Force and support everyone as backup.
  • Whenever your Master acknowledges you as a warrior. Bonus points for Vegeta. Really, just about all the Masters have at least one CMOH.
  • Considering the flexibility of some of the missions, you can actually create some of these moments. One example is replaying some of the old missions from the "Return of the Saiyans" saga, where Nappa kills Piccolo in defense of Gohan. And since the Future Warrior knew that he would go after Gohan next considering he gave Nappa one hell of a Death Glare, this troper decided to take the initiative and go after Nappa full force to protect Gohan until Goku got there, and considering that their character had the ability to go Super Saiyan, it didn't even come close to a fair fight.
  • During Yamcha's Mentor missions once you help him defeat the Saibamen he remarks that the nightmares will finally stop. It's pretty heartwarming given his status in the series
    • Captain Ginyu especially, He's really nice to the player if he's their master and the rest of the Ginyu Force are very welcoming to the player.
      • When you master everything he has to teach you, Ginyu goes from talking like a commander to taking to the player like a genuine friend and equal when requesting a sparring match or offering up more training. He straight up tells you to forget about pleasing him and ask you what YOU want to do together. Very heartwarming for a guy like Ginyu.
      • For an even greater, more snuggly feeling, consider his dialogue when things go sour for the player while their at low health- if he shows up to lend his fists, feet and fireballs, he will state without any hesitation that his student's troubles are his troubles too. You heard that right- Ginyu will not hesitate to step in and defend his own men (or at least the player), and he will beat some ass to drive that point home, if needs be.
      • The game goes out of it's way to make you feel like you're part of the Ginyu Force, not just learning from Captain Ginyu. The Force shows up in most of the training, and the final mission set's you against all of them. Best of all, when you defeat them, each one (except Guldo) congratulates you for your success and welcomes you to the team.
      • Best of all is when you switch masters. If you go talk to Ginyu after switching to a new master, he'll be completely beside himself with guilt, begging you to tell him why you left and what he can do to make things better. When you do return, he's overjoyed that you haven't given up on the dream of being a Ginyu Force member and happily declares that training is back on.
      • When you clear a stage with a S rank, he offers to do his happy dance and when you clear with a Z rank, he's so amazed by your performance that he decides to come up with an entirely new dance just for you.
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    • A more minor example, but Hercule mentions that, after your training, he'll take you to Hercule City, make you a teacher at his dojo and give you honorary citizenship.
    • Goku may well take the cake for this entire page. When training under him with high-level friendship, he may remark how he wishes you could live with him and his family, so you all could train together all the time. He even says he'll ask Chi-Chi about it. Goku, the Goku wants you to join his family. Be they manly or womanly, tears shall be shed.
      • If you have Goku as a Master, he'll sometimes talk fondly of Master Roshi. He'll even say that while he doesn't teach like Roshi, he cares about his students just like Roshi did.
    Goku: I had a teacher called Master Roshi. He's a great guy. I don't teach like him, but I care about my students just like him. So get stronger, as if you were going to surpass me.
    "Splendid! Now THIS was a real fight! I'd totally hug you if that was something I did!"
    • Get a B rank with Vegeta as your master. He does not react with anger, like you'd expect from him, but he sounds disappointed. Like he knows you can do better.
    "What's the matter? I know you have more in you than that!"
    • As a Saiyan under him, he will be harsh on you, as you are training under the prince of Saiyans. When you complete your training he will recognize you as an equal. Considering the source, that's a very high compliment.
    "I Vegeta, recognize you as a true Saiyan warrior!"
    • If you're a non-Saiyan race and get a Z rank with Vegeta as your master, he'll call you "A monster" with strength "any saiyan would be proud to have". And considering it's Vegeta and he's well-known for having pride in the strength of the Saiyan race, that's also a very high compliment.
    • The simple fact that Frieza as a mentor not only treats you cordially, but will also be both respectful and impressed if you do well, is amazing given how he usually treats those beneath him. Okay, so he's grooming you to be his second-in-command, but it's still nice to know he can treat the Future Warrior decently.
      • Working alongside him is also rather heartwarming. If you're getting your ass kicked, he's not rude and insulting, like Piccolo, but actually supportive and sounds worried about you. After everything, Xenoverse seems less like a sequel/adaptation of the series and more of an composite adaptation between the series and The Abridged Series.
  • Masters also react to the race you are playing.
    • Vegeta for example is surprised he doesn't mind having a human for a student.
    "To think I'd have an Earthling for a student. Doesn't feel half bad."
    • Freeza also has words to a student of his race.
    "Seeing you assures me. You are a survivor of my clan."
  • At the end of the game, Trunks awkwardly asks if the FW will stick around and continue to help the Time Patrol even though the main threat has been taken care of. When the FW says yes, Trunks looks incredibly happy and states that the FW is the only partner for Trunks.
    • The friendship between the two in general that develops. There are several scenes showing the friendship between the two, such as the FW accepting the obvious Deal with the Devil from Demigra just to save Trunks, or Trunks' relief when the FW is okay after Freeza blows up Planet Vegeta.
  • While Saiyans are not the kindest race, the fact that there are many survivors littering TokiToki City (confirmed to actually exist in game as NPCs) is heartwarming on its own. Goku and Vegeta's families aren't the last members of their kind anymore.
  • There's something sweet about the fact that, even though they're bad guys, Mira and Towa genuinely seem to care about each other. It's subtle, but there are instances — Mira shows no hesitance in protecting Towa, and despite his violent nature, he'll listen to her and follow her no matter what. And Towa in turn refers to him as "My Mira" and expresses despair when he starts losing and eventually dies. And even when Mira is but a clump of pulsating cells, Towa comes back for him, and rather than discard him or berate him, she still considers him her greatest creation and seeks to rebuild him.
  • Beerus seems to consider you a friend, if you're training under him.
    Beerus: Looking at your face makes me crave pudding. I couldn't eat any the other day...I want to enjoy some pudding with you and my friends.
  • The player can help Bardock fight Broly for a couple of missions in the post-game chapter. Why is Bardock so keen on fighting Broly even though he's clearly outclassed? He wants to protect his son, so Kakarot can defeat Frieza and avenge the Saiyan race.
  • Hearing Goku or Gohan be so happy to be your ally. Gohan says a happy "thank you" and that it's an honor to fight with you, and Goku is either hyped or says his trademark hello.
  • At the end of the GT Arc, the Future Warrior, Goku and Vegeta dealt with Super 17, Omega Shenron and Great Ape Baby Vegeta. At this point, Time Patrol Trunks chooses to appear and says hello to Vegeta. A puzzled Vegeta quickly realizes that this is the Trunks that came from the future. Future Trunks and Vegeta shake hands and exchange a few words before parting again.
    Trunks: Father... Please take care.
    Vegeta: You, too.
  • During the final battle as the Future Warrior fires a Final Kamehameha wave at Demigra, several of the Z Warriors will appear in spirit to lend their strength and encouragement, one by one, first Goku, then Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and finally... Krillin, the official Butt-Monkey of DBZ, reaches out across time to tell you that even making it this far is amazing and alongside the others gives you the final push needed to give Demigra a taste of what Cell got from Gohan. The scene would be heartwarming enough on its own, but seeing Krillin get that kind of respect from the writers is enough to bring a tear to one's eye. Bonus points if you've taken the time to finish training with all of the possible masters (save Gohan who requires an item you can't get until after the credits roll and Goku who you likewise can't train with until beating the game) as your mentors are the ones lending you their power.
    Krillin: Just making it this far is amazing on its own!
  • Chronoa might be a bit bratty and treat Trunks like a dogged intern from time to time, but she really did bring him under her wing in part because she was lonesome, and she honestly does care about him. And Xenoverse 2 makes this more clear than ever. In a post-game mission, you find out that Trunks betraying her to try and save Future Gohan created a timeline wherein he succeeded in doing so. This version of Time Patrol Trunks then promptly abandons the Time Patrol to stay with Gohan in the new history he's created. However, despite this, Chronoa hesitates to have this branching timeline wiped out. In fact, she clearly wants to let him keep this timeline, so that he can finally live the life he'd always wanted. She knows she can't just do so without serious consideration, but even if you side with Elder Kai in saying this should be fixed, she makes it clear to you it's her decision to make.

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