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  • You, as your own Player Character, pulling off a lot Big Damn Heroes in order to save the Z warriors from death by the hands of the altered villains. It feels even more awesome when the Z warriors you save thank you (or at least they try to, only to find that you're gone) for your help.
    • Especially if you play a human considering how Overshadowed by Awesome they tend to be in the series.
      • A specific example can be Vegeta's training: a human that can fight on equal terms against a Super Saiyan 2? Kudos!
      • Or Beerus's Training: a human that can fight on equal terms with a Super Saiyan God? Or the God of Destruction Beerus? Or Whis? Mondo kudos!
  • Guldo gets a good moment during the Ginyu Force Saga. Not only is he the last member of the Ginyu Force (sans Ginyu himself) to die, but how does he prove his usefulness? By freezing Goku in time long enough for Ginyu to take Goku's body! It's no wonder why Guldo was accepted into the Ginyu Force.
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  • The final battle against Mira. Mira tries to toy with you until he goes on a Villainous Breakdown when you start pummeling him. After you dodge his last attempt at an attack, the look on his face screams Oh, Crap! when you attack with your own Ki attack and kill him.
  • Near the end of the Battle of Gods Saga, Beerus is controlled by the Time Breakers, and the Earth seems in serious trouble until Beerus reveals that the dark magic didn't work on him by breaking free of the spell and attacking Demigra who just manages to escape. And afterwards he agrees to help the Future Warrior in their fight against Demigra.
    • He explicitly states that he only pretended to be controlled, and that he was aware of Demigra's existence from the very start. He then decides to destroy the demon god because a) he's evil and should be destroyed and b) thinking that the God of Destruction can be controlled.
  • Performing a pseudo dragonfist on Demigra is ungodly awesome.
  • The fact that Mira, Towa, and even Demigra can make anyone evil and a threat, even Mr. Satan.
  • The ending struggle against Demigra: if Goku helped you during the final boss fight, both of you use a Kamehameha to end Demigra. If you defeat the final boss alone, the Z-Fighters help you by giving you their energy to kill him.
    • The encouragement you get during the final clash in the secret ending makes it all the more awesome.
    Goku: Don't give up yet! I know you're stronger...I can feel it...
    Vegeta: You're hopeless...utterly hopeless.
    Gohan: It's only a little more! Just a little more!
    Piccolo: You can't lose! Don't be a fool!
    Krillin: Just making it this far is amazing on its own!!
    • The final blow alongside Goku bears some elaboration. The Future Warrior is shown alongside Goku, fighting together as equals, even making the motions in sync with one another. There's something unbelievably awesome about reaching such a level, especially for an Earthling or Freeza Clansman. Also mixed with Heartwarming.
  • Percel, one of the NPC Time Patrollers, is a badass Hero of Another Story. He's fixing his assigned Timeline as well — except his is a massive What If? scenario. Demon King Piccolo has absorbed Kami, and is waging war with his demons against the Red Ribbon Army and their Androids, which nearly destroyed the Earth — and then Babidi comes along, adding to this war-zone. Is it too much to ask for a DLC to play as Percel, or assist in his quest?
    • What's even more awesome is that Percel is a Freeza Clansman. In essence, the only actual hero of that timeline is one of Freeza's relatives!
  • You can inflict actual harm on the God of Destruction. He even says you can't be a bad fighter for accomplishing this, too.
    • And then you can be his apprentice, meaning you can become a god yourself.
  • The Amazing Fighting Candy makes a return, if you get your timing just right while your ally and opponent are locked in an exchange of blows. This will cause the opponent to become a jawbreaker that bashes against the opponent in a furious exchange of blows before they break apart. A candy can go toe-to-toe with an explosion inducing warrior and said candy doesn't always have to be Vegito.
  • The last 2 extra time patrol levels where you need to help Bardock fight against a powered up Broly. The fight starts on a Namek that's about to blow up, Broly mistakes Bardock for Goku. Bardock, knowing the future, says that he won't let Broly interfere with Goku's fight. Everyone then gets teleported to Earth, Broly then punches Bardock and sends him flying out of the arena. When it seems like you're going to be in this alone, a dialogue pops up revealing that Bardock landed near Vegeta, and has a little favor to ask of Vegeta. The hype absolutely goes off the charts when Bardock rejoins the fight as a great ape using Vegeta's artificial moon, and is also careful enough to destroy said moon to prevent Broly from transforming as well. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better Vegeta stops being afraid and shouts that he's the prince of all saiyans and joins into the fray.
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  • If you've befriended your chosen mentor, they can assist you when your health is low in a Parallel Quest. This means you can get a Big Damn Heroes moment from anybody; including Beerus! Being able to turn the tide of battle due to the arrival of your mentor will always be an awesome moment, no matter what.
  • In the first portion of the Androids/Cell Saga, after Mr. Satan is kicked out of the ring, Cell smiles, recognizing your character as a way more interesting challenge.
  • The fact that everyone can beat Broly. Even idiots like the Ginyu Force can do it.
    • If you think that's awesome, try coming at him as Super Saiyan God Goku. This is the only time where Broly sounds like he's about to shit himself, asking "what is that... WHAT IS THAT?!"
    • Goku's response is even more epic. "I'm in a world that you will never know."
  • Yamcha states during his mentor quest that killing a group of Saibamen will finally make the nightmares stop. Since you can take any unlocked character into any parallel quest you can take Yamcha to fight Saibamen, Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta himself Solo and completely and utterly dominate them making even a Butt Monkey like Yamcha show he's a capable fighter.
  • In the final story mission the time patroller is faced with Great Ape Baby, Super 17, and Omega Shenron all with an Evil power boost. As all three drop out of wormholes ready to kill the player, three of the most powerful villains in all of the series, and the time patroller just grins ready for a fun fight.