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As a Heartwarming Moments page, all spoilers are left unmarked.

  • After Al's suicide, Tris is in complete despair as she knows she'll be found out. She despairingly admits to Four that she's Divergent and that she'll be killed as soon as they find out. Four immediately says "I am not going to let that happen."
  • All of the little things Christina did from the start as Tris's friend, but perhaps best highlighted when she finally forgives Tris at one of Tris's lowest points.
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  • Tobias is pulled out of his Brainwashed and Crazy state by the sound of Tris's voice.
  • Anytime that Tris and Tobias reconcile and try to forgive each other after particularly bad conflicts. Which they do almost all the time, particularly in Insurgent.
  • Peter giving Tris the time when she was a prisoner at Erudite headquarters. It reminds Tris that there really is some good in everyone, even in Peter, who is as dark as grey gets. Which is something she needs at that point in time.
    • And then he ups this by faking the serum used for Tris' execution and leads her to safety with Tobias, with whom she can escape. It's really NOT something you would expect from someone who's been antagonizing Tris for who knows how long, and his reason? Because he hates keeping a debt that Tris doesn't know he owed to her: when she saved him from being shot at the Amity sector, which she wrote off as a fluke, but he recognizes so deeply he actually went out and joined the enemy faction to repay it.
    • His characterization in Allegiant goes even more heartwarming when he reveals that he hates being mean and having to calculate everything that rewards him. Which he solves by erasing his memories using the memory serum, happily and voluntarily. Tobias admits he's extremely surprised by his decision.
  • Marcus badmouthing and fulminating the shit out of Caleb for siding with Jeanine and betraying his associates, including Tris, which he immediately follows by smashing him to the ground. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome. They're both unrepentant jerks, but Caleb's more jerk of the two this time. Also, it's nice for Marcus to finally side with Tris.
    • Actually, Marcus' entire relationship with Tris, as showcased in Insurgent, isn't that bad at all, barring some of his egotistical reactions at the start. He doesn't seem to like people in general, but if that people believe in exposing the lie that has been planted in the mind of the masses for so long, he will assist them. This is very much in contrast of his relationship with Tobias, which is as cold as ice no matter how much they try to thaw it out.
  • Marcus' relationship with Johanna, who's essentially his only Morality Pet. It just takes one look at their conversation to see that they are very fond of each other.
    • Johanna essentially abandoning her home so she can do what's right and help out people who's in trouble in the city. She does this with no favor, just a simple request from Marcus. That's what true friendship is.
    • Sadly, in Allegiant, after she discovered about his abuse towards Tobias and Evelyn, Johanna has only one thing to say:
    Johanna: We remain allied, but our friendship ends here.
  • Nita's reaction when Tris desperately asks her to help releasing the memory serum for the Bureau officials to breathe. This is the same Nita whom she sort of betrayed by shooting her and thus destroying her final chance to get equality for her people. Nita is understandably confused when Tris wants to continue her journey, but then she learns that Tris wants to destroy the very concept of damaged genes to its roots. She smiles.
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  • In Allegiant, Tobias being pulled into Evelyn's arms after he gives her the ultimatum, never believing she would pick him over the rebellion.
    She chose me. She chose me.
  • Christina convincing Tobias not to drink the memory serum, so he can remember everything about Tris, all the good and all the bad. So he can remember the one who gave him a breath of life the most. He agrees with that.
  • The epilogue. Tris may be gone, but that doesn't mean that Tobias has to sulk out forever. He now works as an assistant council member (though he does say "I hate politics"), he watches his friends helping out New Chicago prosper by working as police officers, agricultural scientists, psychiatrist, tutor, and banker, he sees one of his wishes come true: the surrounding environment becoming lively and populated, and he now has a real mother who cares for him. He has family, friends, and, most importantly, a bright life ahead of him. And most of them are thanks to Tris' sacrifice. It's not, no less, in vain.
  • Everything in We Can Be Mended. From Shauna's pregnancy, to Cara's surprise engagement to Matthew, and, last but not least, Four and Christina bonding over their loss of Tris and Will and becoming a couple.

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