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As a Funny Moments page, spoilers are left unmarked.

The Books:



  • Tris, after the Amity drug her to calm her down.
    "They must have given her too much of what?" he says.
    "You have a nice voice," I say.
    "Tris," he says, "please be quiet."
  • "Four, if you and your friends would like to remain... Untouched by our serum, you may want to avoid the bread."
  • When Tris learns that her father' original faction was Erudite and he was a childhood friend of Jeanine, she begins to wonder how he would turn out had he not transferred to Abnegation: he and Jeanine would wait for the bus together, play together, and read books together while sitting in the cafeteria. Then she says it's ridiculous.
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  • Tris lying to an Erudite woman in the restroom about how she is an escapee from an experiment gone wrong in the next-door building, which ends with the woman running away with toilet papers still sticking on her feet. Tris declines to inform her.


  • A Running Gag is how everyone has to point out how awkward it is seeing Johanna hold guns. Even Evelyn.
  • Uriah volunteers to replace Zeke in the expedition outside Chicago so he can...please everyone with his looks. Zeke is not amused.
  • Christina teasing Tris about Four.
  • How easily Amar is lied to about Tobias' true intentions to go back to Chicago may induce a few laughter, as the reader might think such a convenient plan would fail due to the series' record of having a plan fail to work simply because the villain has prepared for an alternative. Nope, it works perfectly.
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  • When Tobias is entering the Erudite headquarters after a few weeks outside of Chicago, he sees that Jeanine's gigantic poster has been repaired and put back on...except with red "X"s drawn on her eyes. Just imagine it.

The Films

  • When Christina and Tris shoot Peter with flechettes (that simulate the pain of a gunshot) while Christina snarls "Asshole."
  • What happens when Tris is confronting Peter while breaking through the Erudite headquarters:
    Peter: You're not gonna shoot me.

The Divergent Series: Insurgent

  • When Tris, Four, Caleb and Evelyn are eating dinner together, Four and Evelyn have a very heated argument ending with Four storming out and Tris following him. Caleb proceeds to clumsily cut up his food and tell Evelyn that it's a lovely meal. It's as awkward as it sounds.
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  • Peter's indignant "What?" with his bleeding face pressed up against the glass, after Jeanine more or less tells Tris to kill him if she likes, they've got more guards. Peter's frequent incidences of getting his ass kicked in general, partly due to Miles Teller's delivery.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

  • Tris and Christina are infiltrating the factionless headquarters and encounter a guard who yells the classic "Drop your weapon!". An offscreen moment later, he is trapped in a bubble and is last seen doing a goofy kick and scream in the air.
  • Immediately following the above scene is Tris and Christina attempting to free Four. After seeing just how unstoppable they are because of their drones, one of Evelyn's Mooks runs away and says, word to word, verb to verb, down to the last comma, "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!". He gets gunned down by Christina for his trouble.

Behind the Scenes

  • How did Shailene Woodley convince Miles Teller to take the role of Peter? By saying he'd get to punch her in the face. And funnily enough during their actual fight scene, it was Shailene who was reluctant to hit him. But then they got more aggressive as filming went on, and she ended up actually punching him in the throat.
  • Shailene read the whole series to prepare for the role and would apparently get mixed up during production of the first movie - telling Neil Burger "why aren't we doing this scene?", only to realise it was from the second book.
  • Shailene also got coaching from Jennifer Lawrence on how to cope with suddenly being in the public eye. Jennifer's first bit of advice? "Don't go to the supermarket on the day your film gets released."
  • Kate Winslet did the film so her children could watch something of hers. Or in her own words - "the only film where I don't have my clothes off" - and they became very popular at school once word got out that their mother was Jeannine.


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