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Heartwarming / Die Hard

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First movie:

  • The end, when John finally meets up with Al Powell, who stood by his side when the FBI and everyone else didn't, and defended him despite never meeting face to face before. They didn't even say their names or had any introductions. They simply looked at each other in the eye and knew automatically who the other was.
    • The Man Hug that follows, as well as Powell regaining his confidence in using a gun by blowing Karl away before he can do the same to John.
  • The Big Damn Kiss after John saves Holly, which plays out like a Smooch of Victory.
  • Even though he's utterly psychotic, and gets steadily more obsessed with killing McClane throughout the movie, the reason Karl wins a close second in The Determinator contest is because he wants to avenge his brother's murder.
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  • Even though Ellis is Wrong Genre Savvy and a Corrupt Corporate Executive, John tries to talk him out of negotiating with Hans and frantically insisting that he and Ellis don't really know each other to prevent Hans from killing him. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.


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