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Heartwarming / Dick Tracy

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Dick Tracy (the comic strip)

  • After the Mole has finally been caught and imprisoned, Tracy stops by to visit and gives him a few simple presents for Christmas. The Mole is so surprised and touched by the gesture that it actually starts him on his eventual Heel–Face Turn.
    • In recent years, pretty much any scene involving the Mole and the formerly homeless woman who has become his girlfriend, and her little daughter Toad.
  • Several times over the tears Tracy would refuse to take a criminal in because he saw them celebrating the holidays with their family.
    "What am I supposed to do? Drag a man away before his daughter's eyes on Christmas Day?"

Dick Tracy (the movie)


  • The montage with Tracey and Tess spending a day out with the Kid, even giving him a new suit and a catchers mitt as some gifts.
  • The Kid decides to choose the name "Dick Tracy, Jr."
  • The Blank cannot bring herself to shoot Tracy, admitting that there is some good left in her after all.
  • Dick and Tess embrace after surviving their adventure, and he finally agrees to marry her in the next scene.


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