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First film:
  • "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!" In the first, it is a CMoA; in the third, it follows a CMoA - John McClane taking down Simon Gruber and his partner in a buzzard by shooting an electric cable; in the second and fourth, it precedes a CMoA - McClane blowing a plane in mid-air with a lighter, and while being held hostage by the villain, killing the baddie by shooting his own shoulder.
  • How about Holly punching the smarmy reporter in the face?
    • And tasering him a year later.
  • Ironically, Hans Gruber's defeat was a CMOA for him. After getting shot by McClane and falling out the window, he almost pulls down Holly with him and makes one last effort to shoot McClane (which he does quite calmly considering the situation he is in). Then he falls in slow motion all dramatic-like. He may have lost, but damn if he wasn't badass about it!
  • "Unfortunately, your Mr. Takagi did not see it that way, so he won't be joining us for the rest of his life." He says it very coolly, while eating a sandwich. The best part? Alan Rickman just thought it was the kind of thing Hans would do.
  • Holly negotiating with Hans:
    Hans: What idiot put you in charge?
    Holly: You did. [Hans looks up in surprise] When you murdered my boss. Now everybody's looking to me. Personally, I'd pass on the job. I don't enjoy being this close to you.
    • Holly's CMOA is negotiating with Hans at that level, and Hans' CMOA is that he simply accepts being called an idiot, because she was right!
      • Furthermore, Holly is the one who is able to get a rise out of Gruber most often throughout the film whether it is faking him out with the Pregnant Hostage trope, or calling him a mere "thief". She knows the buttons to push on Gruber and hits them when they can do the most good in the hopes that he might get angry enough to make a mistake John can exploit.
  • Argyle cutting off Theo with the limo and knocking him out.
  • John taking out the rocket launcher-wielding terrorists with their own plastic explosives.
  • "I figured since I've waxed Tony and Marco and his friend here, I figured you and Karl and Franco might be lonely so I wanted to give you a call."
  • "Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho."
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  • The fight between McClane and Karl. Karl is bigger, stronger, and knows martial arts, but McClane keeps up with him through gumption and ingenuity. Not to mention all the trash talk McClane shouts.
    McClane: You shoulda head your brother squeal, WHEN I BROKE HIS FUCKIN' NECK!!
    McClane: Motherfucker, I'll KILL you!
    McClane: I'm gonna kill ya, I'm gonna cook ya, and I'm gonna fuckin' EAT ya!!
  • Powell shooting Karl, regaining his ability to use his gun. As John is pushing Holly out of the way, you can see Powell going for his gun.
  • When McClane ties a firehose around his waist and leaps off the roof of the Nakatomi Plaza. In slow motion. Just as the FBI is about to shoot him from a helicopter. As the roof explodes behind him. It's one of the best shots in the movie.
  • Another Throw It In! in the form of Hans successfully faking an American accent when he first faces McClane. Which serves as a moment of funny as well, because when he first sees him his Oh, Crap! face was genuine before he used it to further fool John into thinking he was an escaped hostage.
    • Later in the same scene, when Hans stops pretending to be an escaped hostage and points his gun at McClane, John is surprisingly relaxed about the gun in his face, even taunting Hans a bit. Then we get this:
      [Hans pulls the trigger, the gun clicks without firing]
      McClane: Oops.
      [Hans pulls the trigger a few more times, the gun still doesn't fire]
      McClane: [mockingly] No bullets. You think I'm fucking stupid, Hans?
      [Elevator arrives on the floor containing several of Hans's accomplices]
      Hans: You were saying?
  • Pretty much Alan Rickman's whole performance. Prior to this film he had purely been a stage actor and was very nervous about whether he could transfer that to working with cameras. And he completely knocked it out of the park, even while dealing with a character who'd pretty much been a non-entity in the original novel.
    • In addition, despite it being his first ever film, he played Wag the Director and pretty much made Hans the character he is. Highly cultured, well-dressed and polite? Yeah, that was Rickman. Initially, he was going to be a more generic bad guy. Instead, in his first feature film, he created one of the most iconic villains ever.
  • Despite them being the villains, it's rather awesome when the villains finally break into the vault, complete with Michael Kamen's soaring rendition of "Ode to Joy".
    • Gruber's plan is a CMOA all by itself, really. He avoids the usual pitfalls of the Big Bad, has backup plans for when the police and FBI arrive (including thorough knowledge of FBI HRT protocols and bring along anti-tank weaponry to deal with SWAT vehicles), and his getaway plan guaranteed him and his crew would be long gone before anyone realized it had all been about the bonds, not any kind of political statement. The only reason he didn't get away with everything, was John McClane.
    • Ruthless though it is, the villains utterly repulsing the attempted SWAT assault is a thing of tactical beauty. Capped off by a Theo's gleefully sadistic "Oh my god, the quarterback is toast!" when their armored car is blown up.
  • To stop the continuous missile fire against the SWAT AFV McClane, ties a computer and a brick of C4 to a chair, drops it down the elevator shaft, to the bottom floor where the terrorists are holding their weapons. The huge explosion bags the firing terrorists and can be felt by the hostages and Hans. McClane looks down to see the blazing fire sprouting up. He screams "OH SHIIIIT!!!" and jumps out of the way just as it reached his floor.
    McClane: Geronimo motherfucker!
  • And then there is Sgt. Al Powell... besides a magnificent aversion of Police are Useless, he also gets one hell of a Big Damn Hero moment by being the one to finally take down Karl for good. This troper still remembers the huge cheer that went up in the theater at that moment.
  • A meta one for Bruce Willis himself... prior to this movie, he was mostly known for his comedic movie roles, as well as his role in the TV series Moonlighting. There was a fair amount of doubt that he would be able to pull off this movie. Now, not only has it become his best known role, but Willis is now regarded as one of the better action movie stars in modern cinema history.


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