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  • Issue #934:
    • Clayface is given a second chance to reform and is recruited by Batman. Seeing Batman treat his old enemy with respect and trust is showing some good development on both sides.
    • Also, Batman revealing his secret identity to his cousin, Kate Kane/Batwoman. Even though she immediately says she's known for a while, it's still a powerful demonstration of how much Bruce trusts Kate and respects her abilities.
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    • Bruce singing Stephanie's praises after all the crap he's put her through is wonderful as well.
    • Cassandra speaks one word in the entire issue, to a group of people who were going to be sold into slavery: "safe".
  • Issue #935:
    • Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown are not just a couple here; it seems that their relationship is actually quite intimate. There's even a scene where Steph awkwardly tries to tell Cass that she wants to have her apartment to herself and Tim for the night and Cass just smiles. She knows what Steph means and gladly leaves them alone.
    • Cass and Steph also reveal their secret identities to Clayface. They're showing how much they trust him, a former villain, with that information; it's a pretty big sign of trust for one of Batman's oldest enemies. I bet that touched him a tad. Of course, Cassandra has never really put much effort into keeping her identity a secret and doesn't have a civilian life anyway, but still.
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  • In #936, Kate is having doubts about her new role, doubts which are compounded when she is suddenly forced into leadership of the team after Batman is captured. She has a near Heroic B.S.O.D. while watching footage of Batman getting beaten (since he's not just Batman, but also her cousin) and freezes up when Tim asks her what the plan is. Seeing this, Tim reassures her, saying he knows she's frustrated and unsure, because he is as well. He also expresses trust in her leading the team, since if Batman put her in such a position, it means that he knew she'd be capable to take the reigns if need be. With that encouragement, Kate comes up with a plan. This bond the two are forming is also heartwarming in a more meta way, since a good number of Tim Drake fans were upset with Batwoman being his superior on the new team.
  • Issue #937:
    • Batwoman indicates she intends to go against the Colony alone in order to make up for falling for a Batman Gambit that resulted in the Belfry getting captured, as well as to face her father and avoid putting the rest of the team in danger. The others (Tim and Steph especially) protest this and indicate that despite the setback, they're still willing to follow her lead and strike back at the Colony together.
    • One of the reasons Bruce contacted Kate for this whole training operation was to keep her father from getting ahold of her and possibly twisting her enough to join the Colony.
  • A meta one: an art error in issue #938 showed a cross on Gabi Kane's headstone instead of a Star of David. A concerned Jewish fan brought this to the attention of James Tynion, who apologized for the accidental erasure and stated the error would be fixed in the trades. The error was fixed in the digital issue the day following its release.
  • It's also a bit of a Tearjerker, but a flashback in #939 shows Kate comforting Bruce at Thomas and Martha Wayne's funeral. It's even more impressive due to the tension between the Waynes and the Kanes.
    Kate: I don't think my daddy liked yours that much. But we're cousins. When something really, really bad happens, family will always be there. Like right now. I'm here right now. My mama says that's how you stay strong.
  • Issue #940:
    • Tim finally acknowledges what everyone else already saw in him:
    Tim Drake: Tell them I'm sorry. Tell them how much they all meant to me. Dick, Jason, Damian, Alfred... all of them. Thank you for everything, Bruce. Robin out.
    Batman: TIM!
    • "My friends will come for me. Just you wait. My friends will come."
    • After Tim's apparent death, Batman holds Stephanie as she cries. Especially melt-worthy considering their incredibly rocky mentor-student relationship in the past.
  • Issue #941: Kate stands up for Steph when Bruce wants to go off and handle things at an evacuation site (which Spoiler and Cass are in charge of) himself. Kate reminds him that they trained Steph for this, and that he should trust her to handle it herself. On the other side of the coin, Bruce's concern for Steph is also heartwarming, especially given what happened in #940. Bruce and Kate really demonstrate in this issue that they're the metaphorical parents of the 'Tec team.
  • Issue #943:
    • Cass and Clayface have been building up a friendship during fighting sessions in the Mud Room. She even compliments him on the fact that his fighting skills have been improving.
    • While they do find it a bit odd, Steph and Harper are pretty accepting of Clayface (in human form) hanging out with them at the GCPD event. Even better, he was invited by Cass.
  • Issue #947:
    • Though not directed at her specifically, Kate hears Luke's backstory, and realizes his reason to fight is very similar to her own. They still have yet to settle things face-to-face, but hearing what he said almost totally dissolves her problems with him.
    • After the Victim Syndicate is put in Arkham, Clayface promises he will visit Mudface regularly.
    • Bruce convinces Kate to finally speak with Jacob.
  • Issue #948:
    • Dr. Victoria October, a past associate of Batman's, is also a trans woman, and strongly implies that Batman sent her a thoughtful card after her transition, which she appreciates.
  • Issue #951:
    • Bruce and Kate discussing taking Cassandra out to the ballet or a baseball game so that she can have some normal experiences with other people. After all the pain and neglect that she's gone through, Cassandra finally has people who are looking out for her.
  • Clayface gifts Cassandra one of his books (the complete works of Shakespeare) in #953 after seeing how upset she is from learning Shiva is her mother, mentioning that it gave him some peace during tough times. Sure, Cass can't read, but it's the thought that counts, and she does seem to appreciate it.
  • Issue #955:
    • Cass finally accepting that she's not broken or worthless due to her steadfast Thou Shalt Not Kill code, including her dropping the Orphan codename for her real name.
    • Lady Shiva confronts Cass at the end of the issue:
    Shiva: Well, what next, daughter? You haven't deluded yourself into thinking you could beat me one on one...
    Cass: No.
    Shiva: Good. You aren't an idiot, then.
    Cass: Not alone.
    Shiva: What did you say?
    Cass: Not alone.
    Shiva: Girl, you will always be alone.
    (Batman swoops in behind Shiva and kicks her in the face)
    Batman: No.
    (cut to the rest of the Bat-team, injured but full of a Heroic Second Wind due to Cass's rescue, ready to kick some ass)
    Batman: She won't.
  • Issue #958:
    • The story begins with Luke, Jean-Paul, and Kate attending a basketball game. It's all very friendly and casual, particularly between Luke and Kate, who seem to have made amends since Kate's initial hostility toward him in "The Victim Syndicate".
    • Cass and Clayface bond over a rehersal of a scene from The Tempest, which Clayface is using in part to help Cass improve her speaking.
  • Rookie, Luke's autonomous RoboBat suit, now has an adorable emoji display on its face. It also salutes Batwoman after Luke tells it she's friendly, and she smirks and says she's happy to meet it, too.
  • Issue #977:
    • Another instance of off-duty friendliness between Kate, Luke, and Jean-Paul. Kate has also, sometime after the events of "The Victim Syndicate", grown close to Luke's sister Tam.
    • Tim finds Bruce on patrol and admits that he needs help dealing with all the stuff he's had to deal with since the beginning of the series. Bruce responds that he's glad Tim is taking this step.
  • Issue #980:
    • Stephanie and Cassandra get to see what they were like as Batgirl (and in Steph's case, Robin). Instead of being demoralized by what they aren't, they are inspired by what they could be.
    • In the images of Cassandra's Pre-Flashpoint self, Barbara Gordon is incredibly prominent.
  • Issue #981:
    • After much recent tension between them, Kate and Bruce make amends over dinner, and Kate goes back to being Batwoman once more. Jacob even joins her again as her Mission Control.
    • Cassandra is given a place to stay with Leslie Tompkins, who says that she's found her a tutor to help her with her speech issues. That tutor? Barbara!
    • A bittersweet one, but Basil is alive and well! Somehow. However, he doesn't get to meet with Cass, sadly.
    • Tim and Steph set out from Gotham on their own adventure.

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