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  • When Renee Montoya finally admits to her parents that she is gay they effectively disown her, telling her never to come back, and afterward she gets into her car to go home. She begins to cry, and the reader is about to curse and throw the comic against the wall, but then her girlfriend reaches over and takes her into her arms, telling her "It's okay, I've got you...I've got you..."
  • From the same arc, "Half a Life": Crispus Allen visits his partner Renee Montoya, who's been framed for murder, in lockup and tells her she shouldn't have lied to him. When she protests her innocence, he responds, "I'm not talking about that," indicating both that he knows she's innocent and he wishes she had trusted him with the truth about her sexuality. It's a beautiful moment of faith and acceptance.
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  • Later, during the Dr Alchemy arc, Renee's father seeks out her girlfriend; after cutting his daughter out of his life, he's felt immense guilt for how he's reacted and makes an effort to reconnect and try to be more accepting. Its one of the few positives Renee gets before the end of the series as we see them begin to patch things up.
  • Probson apologizing to Stacy for nearly getting her killed by making her turn on the Bat Signal during a sniper spree in Soft Targets
  • the efforts Davies, Driver and Crowe take to find a missing body from a hearse hijacked by a killer they caught and return it to his family in Daydreamers and believers.
  • Sawyer and Stacy's talk after the Bat Signal is removed in Lights Out.
  • Burke getting Procjnow into going to her son Sasha's recital (and getting the manager to let them in by bluffing that Penguin has threatened to disrupt the performance) after she was convinced that Sasha didn't want her there, and Sasha's slight smile when he sees her in the audience.
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  • Everyone working to avenge Charlie Fields and catch Mr. Freeze without Batman's help.
  • The amount of sympathy Davies gets after his Passed-Over Promotion.
  • It's subtle, but the implication that the drug dealer who saw Poison Ivy's ward Dee Dee told her what happened to the girl. Even Evil Has Standards indeed.
  • Allen going home to be with his family during Sunday Bloody Sunday, although its undermined by the fact that it involved abandoning his job.
  • Stacy meeting Robin on the roof during the Dead Robin arc has a lot of this, particularly when it's revealed that Batman and Robin remember who Nate Patton was (a major theme of the series is the detectives belief that Batman doesn't appreciate their efforts and sacrifices) and he offers to get back Romy's gun so she doesn't get in trouble, despite her having just shot at Batman.

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