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Tear Jerker / Detective Comics (Rebirth)

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  • Issue #934: Clayface's whole scene, especially the part where he says he only broke out of Arkham so he could catch one of his old movies and remember what he used to be like.
  • A flashback in issue #938 reveals that six months after Kate's mother was killed, she ran away and went missing for over 24 hours. Why? Just so she could visit her mom's grave.
  • Issue #939:
    • The opening flashback showing Kate comforting Bruce at his parents' funeral. Doubles as a Heartwarming moment.
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    • Spoiler's raw reaction to Batman chastising her for using Tim's name on the comms, mainly for how angry and scared she is.
    Spoiler: Batman! You need to get back to Tim, now! He just reprogrammed the whole drone fleet. He's taking them all on himself!
    Batman: Code names on the comms, Spoiler.
    Spoiler: I don't care about your stupid codenames!
  • Issue #940:
    • Tim saying his final goodbyes to Bruce and Steph.
    • The simple panel of Batwoman resting her hand on Batman's shoulder as he kneels holding Tim's bo staff, the only thing left of him.
    • The silent montage showing Cassandra, Alfred, Duke, Clayface, Stephanie, and Nightwing reacting to Tim's apparent death.
    • Batman hugging Spoiler after reading Tim's college acceptance letter.
  • Most of the first arc of the series depicted the deterioration of Kate's relationship with her father to the lowest point it's ever been, just after they were finally seeming to get back on stable terms again.
  • Issue #943: After a successful round of punching out Man-Bats in the Mud Room with Cass, Clayface asks the computer to create "the biggest, ugliest bad guy" that it can. It creates a ten-story tall Clayface. The real Clayface is rather upset by this.
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  • Issue #945 reveals that Steph has been using the Mud Room to create constructs of Tim just to have him around in some form, with the implication that it's been happening for a while.
  • Steph turning on and attacking the rest of the team in #946 and #947.
    • Later, she abandons the team entirely
    • Harper and Cassie spending all night frantically searching for Steph, just to make sure she's not hurt.
  • Almost every scene involving Cassie in issue #950. Most of her story deals with the fact that she's completely unable to express her feelings to Harper, Bruce, Basil or Kate, and at the end she cries alone in her apartment because of it.
  • Cass breaks down crying in issue #952 upon learning that her mother, Lady Shiva, is even more ruthless and depraved than her father was. Batman tries to console her, but the news that possibly her only living relative is evil hits Cass hard.
    Cass: Why her?
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  • In #953, Cassandra has what could only be described as a complete breakdown, refusing to be called by her real name and insisting that her name is Orphan, the codename that her abusive father once used. It reaches the point where she begins to beat Batman senseless before running off, while he refuses to fight back.
  • In #962, Ascalon tells the Bat-team that Tim Drake is alive before he disappears. Batman tries to get him to stop and explain, but it's too late and Bruce looks so heartbroken when he's gone.
  • In issue #967, Kate discourages her cousin Bette from becoming a vigilante again and to stay at West Point, very similar to the first Batwoman series. Kate does it partially for the same reason as before (wanting Bette to be as safe as possible) and is substantially less prickly about it this time, but it's still rough to see Bette get shut out from something she wants to do by someone she admires so much.
  • In issue #973, Tim has lost the Belfry to the rampaging Clayface and Cassandra's attempt to talk down Clayface ends in failure as Batwoman snipes him in the head.
  • The overarching Gotham Knights story ends with 981, with Cassandra starting to learn to cope with Basil's death. Even though it turns out he survived, his shame in believing that he can't change, and that Cass would be better off with him, has Basil leave Gotham with only a small goodbye from a distance.

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