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  • Issue #934:
    • Bruce's gobsmacked expression when, after revealing his identity to Kate, she shocks him by revealing she's known the truth for about a year-and-a-half.
    • At the end, the newly-forged Bat-team all grapplehook off the roof they were meeting on... except for Clayface, who sadly wonders how he's supposed to follow them.
  • #936 shows a video montage of Batman getting the stuffing beat out of him by a large group of Colony soldiers. That part's not funny... except for a borderline Narm moment where one of the soldiers throws a mailbox at him.
    • Spoiler and Clayface have amusing reactions to watching it, with Steph looking on in goggle-eyed horror and Clayface complimenting one of the Colony guys on a "good hit", which earns him irritated glares from everyone else.
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  • In #937, Bruce has a baffled and confused expression on his face for most of the issue. The fact that he's taken by surprise over and over again by the sheer scope of the Colony is rather funny.
  • #938 features a couple as the team fights the Colony.
    • Clayface admitting how cathartic beating up Colony soldiers is, then telling Batman he means no offence.
    • Red Robin chastising Spoiler for remotely detonating a number of Colony soldiers grenades as she could have set all of them off. She responds by asking if he wants her to start making fun of his old costume's "showgirl wings" again, and he promptly shuts up.
  • In #939, Clayface is helping civilians get to safety and makes himself look like Batman in order do so. His disguise fails hilariously.
    Clayface: Hey! Uh... Batman here.
  • In #941, Spoiler takes a brief moment to collect her thoughts and figure out a way to stop the raging psychotic Gothamites from murdering each other. She does this by running out of the cave and throwing a giant net over the entrance, trapping a horde of them not three feet from her, arms still clawing through the holes, as she calmly talks out the problem aloud.
  • Issue #945:
    • There's one page that consists entirely of Batman jumping onto a rooftop to speak to Batwoman, and then jumping off. Normally, this would be par for the course, except this time he doesn't simply appear and then vanish. He lands, walks across the rooftop while having said conversation, and then zips away in full view of Batwoman, who has not moved at all throughout the entire sequence. The staging, and lack of Bat-Vanish, lampshades how inherently silly the whole "meeting on a rooftop" thing really is, as Bruce never stops moving in plain sight.
    • The two Colony soldiers captured in #939 reappear here, and they're playing "I Spy" to pass the time in their cells, much to the annoyance of Jacob Kane, whose cell is right next to them.
  • Issue #958 has Bruce attend Penguin's secret high-stakes card game in the Iceberg Lounge's private suite as a way to get a meeting with Zatanna. Among the criminals at the table, Bruce spots Drury Walker, A.K.A. Killer Moth, in civvies, and dryly notes, "Not a threat".
    Maximum Tyrell: Raise by three.
    Walker: You — you sure you gotta do that?
    Tyrell: (Without looking up) I ain't talkin' to a bug-man.
  • Issue #959:
    • Luke is carrying Kate, flying toward FoxTech HQ. He pauses just before arriving, hovering above the building while speaking in glowing terms about the company and the pride it brings his father. Kate quickly bores of this:
    Kate: Luke, as much as I like being dangled a few hundred feet over the Gotham River...
    Luke: Yeah. Sorry, sorry.
  • The scene at FoxTech in issue #960 has several amusing moments, from Batwoman wearing safety glasses over her mask to Rookie not understanding a Frankenstein reference and flashing a pair of question marks on his display in confusion.
  • This exchange from issue #967, after Tim mentions his name for the team:
    Kate: Knights?
    Tim: Hah. That's what I always called the team. In my head. The Gotham Knights. Did I never say that out loud? What have you been calling yourselves all this time I've been gone?
    Clayface: She just calls it "The Team" in a really ominous voice.
    Kate: What's wrong with "The Team"?
    Tim: God, you really are Batman's cousin, aren't you?
  • In issue #975, while discussing Kate's killing of Clayface and if she should stay using the Bat, Damian gives us his opinion:
    Damian: tt, I don't think any of you should be allowed to call yourselves Bat-Family.
    Dick: That all you have to say?
    Damian: What else is there to say?
  • In issue #978, while Tim is studying the Colony soldiers, Cassandra appears out of nowhere behind him.
    Cass: What are... you doing?
    Tim: Cass? How the hell did you get in here?! I thought I locked every entrance to the cave.
    Cass: *shrugs noncommittally*