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Heartwarming / Nightwing (Rebirth)

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  • Nightwing: Rebirth #1 sees Dick Grayson spending some quality time with Damian, hanging out at the arcade. He reminisces on the friendships and relationships he's formed during his days with Spyral, particularly with Helena. He then takes Damian to the Batcave to remove the bomb planted in his head from Robin War, before vowing to take down the Parliament of Owls. He even has a warm moment with Bruce, who doesn't blame him for the bomb, and is only happy to see Dick back in Gotham.
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  • Nightwing #1 has Dick and Barbara going on a "non-date", doing superhero stuff, with Dick telling her that he'll be leaving for a bit. It ends with Barbara telling Dick to get her a souvenir... and to come back.
  • In Nightwing #4, Dick calls out Bruce for always being afraid to walk the line between light and dark. Dick says that he's not afraid to walk the line, because he knows he would never cross it ... thanks to Bruce.
  • In Flashback in Nightwing #8, Raptor reveals that Mary Lloyd (Grayson) stole medicine to cure his leprosy and was the first person to interact with him without being afraid of him because of superstition. Unfortunately, this led to Raptor being Mary's Stalker with a Crush, but it's still heartwarming.
  • Dick and Bruce reconcile in Nightwing #8.
    Bruce Wayne: "Dick. I didn't fall. I jumped. I jumped because I knew you'd catch me."
  • Dick gets to meet the pre-Flashpoint Superman in Nightwing #9 with Supes pointing out that there seems to be a multiversal consistent with Dick with him being the much more approachable hero of them all.
    • Earlier than that, Dr. Destiny is attacking Nightwing in his dreams and Superman uses one of his Rousing Speeches to remind him that he has control over his dreams and he ends up summoning Red Robin and the New 52 Superman to help him out. Even more, when Dr. Destiny threatens to kill all of his friends, Dick points out that he has a lot of friends and he's shown flanked by just about everyone he's met and befriended.
  • Nightwing #15 charts the development of the Dick and Shawn relationship over two months, culminating in Dick admitting that he loves her after initially having commitment issues.
  • After receiving a harsh verbal lashing from Dick, Damian finds out that Dick's (possibly) pregnant girlfriend has been kidnapped. His response? He insists on helping out his big brother, and even steals from the Batcave the old Batmobile from when they were Batman and Robin.
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  • Dick repeatedly tries to help Raptor and tells him that he can start over because that's what his mother would have wanted, considering the fact that Raptor was Mary's Stalker with a Crush that is kind of heartwarming, but Raptor isn't listening to him.

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