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Heartwarming / Superman (Rebirth)

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  • Superman: Rebirth #1: After realizing that there's no way now for him to come back, the pre-Flashpoint Superman helps Lana bury the New 52 Superman beside his parents. Then, he erects a statue of him in the Fortress of Solitude before declaring that all tomorrow needs is Superman.
    • It's revealed that the New 52 Superman created a statue of Ma and Pa Kent mimicking the iconic one of Jor-El and Lara holding up a planet. Pre-Flashpoint Superman is amazed as he never even considered doing the same and adds the statue of the dead Superman between his Earth parents. Hope is returning indeed.
    • Supes telling Lana that "two young Clark Kents on two different worlds were very lucky to have Lana Langs in [their] lives".
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  • The fact that Jon's parents have never kept Clark's alter ego a secret from their son shows that they trust their son completely. It's fitting the oldest superhero should evolve one of the oldest superhero cliches to the next level.
  • Superman #2 has Clark and Jon bonding together as Superman and Superboy. Jon also reveals what happened to his cat and opt to give it a proper burial.
    • What is even more heartwarming is that Clark knew what Jon had done, but didn't bring it up because he trusted Jon to tell the truth on when he was ready.
  • Superman #6, Metropolis welcomes back the Man of Steel with Bibbo giving his glowing endorsement and, at the end, Superman offers to help repair the damage done to the Batcave Moon Base and introduces Batman and Wonder Woman to Jonathan, proudly calling him Superboy.
    • Feels like a Passing the Torch moment for Jon, as he is given the moniker of his father's clone/good friend/'cousin', Conner. While the Conner of this earth may not be currently there, at least the original timeline's Conner has someone who can proudly live up to the name.
    • Meta-example: as a tribute to the late Darwyn Cooke, Return to Dinosaur Island incorporates the prologue of DC: The New Frontier into the current main continuity!
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  • During Jon and Damian's first meeting, when they end up (predictably) fighting, Damian calls Alfred by his first name when he gets into the crossfire of Jon's ice breath. That is a nice little moment with him and Alfred that is expanded on in Teen Titans
  • Issue #39: An entire issue where Superman gives a group of terminally ill children a day of fun with the Justice League. The best part is most likely where one kid, Lateef, manages to make Batman smile with a joke.
    Wonder Woman: So, how did you get Batman to smile, Lateef?
    Lateef: Pretty easy... I told him a joke.
    (The rest of the JLA look at Batman.)
    Batman: hrrn. It was funny.
    • The funny part is as soon as Bats cracks a smile, all of the kids whip out their cellphones and take a pic of the smile.


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