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Supergirl told pre-Flashpoint Superman that he could make use of the facilities of the Fortress of Solitude
Supergirl (Rebirth) makes clear that Kara considers she owns the Fortress now. In Action Comics, Superman keeps using his new Home Base, and in Superman #3 he is reluctant to enter the Fortress because it feels he is trespassing. However, in Superman #8 Superman and his son are whiling away in the place. So Kara must have given her permission for them coming there.

When his parents inevitably move to Metropolis to replace their New 52 versions, Jonathan will meet a girl who will serve as "his" Lois Lane
He has already met a Lana Lang equivalent, so why not?
  • Complicated by the fact his "Lana" is anything but normal.

Sooner or later the Kents will visit the graves of Pa and Ma
Jon needs to hear about his -awesome- grandparents.


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