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Heartwarming / Clueless

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  • Cher and her father having a sweet moment where he tells her she takes care of things around the house like her Missing Mom used to do.
    • Of particular mention is her acquiring of snacks for her father and his fellow lawyers. She thinks of helping others only a short time after being robbed at gunpoint.
  • Josh sticking up for Cher when one of her Dad's lawyers calls her "the dumb kid".
  • Travis and Tai finally getting together.
  • Cher going to Christian for advice later in the movie, saying he's great at making everything look beautiful and interesting.
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  • Mel telling Cher that he maintains a relationship with his ex-stepson Josh because "you divorce wives, not kids." Josh doesn't seem to have a very good home life (his new stepdad is a jerk, his mom doesn't seem that great either, his biological father is never mentioned) and Mel probably sensed that the boy was lonely and needed a good family.
  • "If anything happens to my daughter, I have a 45 and a shovel. I doubt anybody would miss you."
  • "Oh my god...I love Josh!"
  • Cher's speech on immigration. She delivers it in her usual ditz's mentality to the point where she earns poor grade, but it also is a clear display of her good heart and nature.
  • Elton of all people instigates one when he carries Tai into the kitchen after one of his "homies" knocks her out by kicking their shoe at her head. It could've just been a ploy to impress Cher but when the possibility of a concussion is mentioned he looks genuinely concerned for Tai and is quite sweet to her afterwards demonstrating perhaps that while he might be an asshole when it comes to romantic relationships he can be quite kind to others outside of that.


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