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Heartwarming / Cloud Atlas

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  • A tired young woman and an old gay man get stuck in an elevator for 90 minutes, proceed to become best friends.
  • Somni-451 listening to Hae-Joo's heartbeat.
  • "What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?"
  • Cavendish risking his escape to pick up the fourth member of his escape group.
    • This ultimately works out well for him, as Meeks returns the favor by saving them when their pursuers find them.
  • Frobisher's "All boundaries are conventions" speech in the film, combined with moments from all six storylines in which boundaries of race, class etc. are all transcended by love: Frobisher and Sixsmith joyfully smashing china, Sonmi-451 and Hae-Joo making love, Zachry giving Meronym his blanket, and Adam and Autua watching a sunset together.


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