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Nightmare Fuel / Cloud Atlas

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"Ain't no blade can protect you from the True-True!"

  • Adam Ewing's situation: being affected by a lethal parasite aboard a ship all alone in the sea, too weak to do anything about the culprit who came to meet him daily.
  • The way Dermot Hoggins kills Felix Finch, the critic who lambasted his novel. He grabs him by the lapels, hauls him over to the rooftop and throws him off the railing. And in the film, we get to see his body hit the ground in a spray of red mist. Coupled with Dermot's Bond One-Liner:
  • The hallucination sequences with Zachry and Old Georgie himself. Imagine The Devil mixed with a particularly evil looking Witch Doctor and a voice that can make the ground shake. Georgie even serves as Nightmare Fuel for Zachry as well, as he always gets a Oh, Crap! look on his face every time he rears his ugly mug.
  • The Fabricant slaughterhouse, and the Awful Truth of what ultimately happens to Fabricants who go through "Xultation".
  • The cafe where Sonmi~451 works feels a bit too clean and inviting in that Uncanny Valley kind of way.
    • Interestingly though, the pristine cleanliness of the diner (when open) contrasts strongly with the reality underneath the digital and holographic veneer; Papa Song's is actually quite shabby. Perhaps the idea that was meant to convey is that the glossy corporate image is all fake and superficial. Artificial people (the fabricants) as workers, a fake veneer, and quite possible, fake food as well.
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  • The Kona Tribe is basically walking Nightmare Fuel, with their creepy makeup, how fast they show up and the fact that they are cannibals.


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